Friday, April 22, 2011

Battle of Yultong (60th Anniversary)

On April 22-23, 1951, Filipino soldiers (Philippine Expeditionary Forces to Korea, 10th Battalion Combat Team) fought their most famous battle outside the Philippine archipelago, the Battle of Yultong Bridge. The battle was part of the Great Chinese Spring Offensive to Seoul, South Korea.

For more info: Philippines in the Korean War (60th Anniversary)

The Philippine 10th Battalion Combat Team counter-attacking at Yultong on 23 April 1951


  1. we want to know more about them so that filipinos, south koreans and the americans will include them in their history.

  2. For more info:

    I hope those links help :)

  3. Good day po.. I'm not sure if this event was included during my school history class.. but i have just known this recently.. Someone should make a BOOK out of this event so that they will not be forgotten.. or a movie should be made about them detailing there hardships, their spirit and courage in standing-their ground..

  4. Has anyone written a book about the FEFTOK, it would be a fitting memorial for our brave Filipino soldiers.. i know that it is called the "Forgotten War" but we Filipinos should not forget about them..

  5. Sorry for a very late reply.. the link provided above got more infos...


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