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What is Kapima?

KAPIMA Political Youth Movement
About a year ago, I decided to join a political youth movement that aims to revive love of country and the sense of history among young Filipinos of today. Dr. Jose Rizal, once said, "The youth is the future of the motherland". However, I have seen a lot of young Filipinos rejecting their own culture, their own language, and even their own country.  Some are very unpatriotic and does not care about their homeland anymore. Many can only recognize Rizal as the national hero of the Philippines and some only knew Manny Pacquiao. But my searched to find like-minded Filipinos ended last year when I decided to joined the Kapisanan Pilipinong Makabayan (KAPIMA) or as I translated it, the Association of Nationalist Filipinos (not the official translation by the way).

KAPIMA was founded in March 2009 by a good friend of mine, John Estallo and have members from around the world. In the recently concluded 2010 Philippine General Election, the movement supported the senatorial candidacy of Brigadier General Danny Lim. Although, the General did not get enough votes to win a seat in the Senate but his leadership and illustrious career will remained an inspiration for the members of the KAPIMA movement.

The article below is what KAPIMA is all about:
What is Kapima? By John Estallo

KApisanang PIlipinong MAkabayan is a youth-led, mass-based, vision-inspired, mission-driven, goal-oriented, principle-centered, inter-faith, multi-ethnic, and platform-based nationalist political movement. Founded on March 19th 2009 it now has key chapters in Manila, Baguio, Cebu, and Davao, Philippines. It has its main chapter abroad in Christchurch, New Zealand.


When I'm not here in the Philippines. I am in China with my loved ones. I am a Filipino but my better half is Chinese. And I consider China as my second country. The People's Republic of China is considered by leading political economists to become the world's biggest economy surpassing United States of America in a few more decades. But did you know that about 30 to 50 years ago our country, the Philippines was way ahead of China in terms of economic gains and human capital?

Our country was considered as the second largest economy in Asia, next only to Japan. The shining pearl of the Orient they dubbed the Philippines. Asia's first republic and the showcase of democracy. Our governmental institutions were dubbed as models. Our people were considered as well cultured and highly educated. Social mobility was fluid and people were excited about their future. Opportunities for personal and professional growth abounded.

A generation or twice has passed, somewhat the exact opposite happened. Yes, we're not the poorest and worst performing economy in the world but we are lagging behind in terms of economic gains and human capital. Our once poor neighbors like Vietnam and Indonesia are now surpassing us in terms of economic performance. China has surpassed already by leaps and bounds. Our democratic institutions are failing because of graft and corruption, backward and unpatriotic oligarchs, perverted political dynasties and failure of political and moral leadership. Social mobility is very, very slow. The poor becomes poorer while the rich becomes richer. If before you need 10 to 20 years to overcome poverty, in our times you need 25 to 50 years to do so. Yes, opportunities are still here... but only for the privileged few. Most of our people is desirous to go out of our country once an opportunity comes.

What happened to our country? Where have we been? Where did we go wrong? Where are we now? Where are we going? We want a better life for our people but how do we get there?

Kapima stands for KApisanang PIlipinong MAkabayan. It is a youth-led, mass-based, vision-inspired, mission-driven, goal-oriented, principle-centered, inter-faith, multi-ethnic, and platform-based nationalist political movement.

In essence, Kapima is a Filipino Ideology that straddles center to left and center to right principles and policies. In espousing an ideology we remind ourselves to be never be trapped by the possible extremes and excesses of ideology. Instead, we will maintain a flexible and pragmatic approach in seeking solutions to the problems confronting our nation while not compromising our core values. Kapima maintains that national interest and common good are above and beyond the traditional left, center, and right political lines. We are always aware that ideological extremes though very tempting and seems so good at first sight are unwise, unrealistic, and unstrategic. As the great Chinese leader Deng Xioping said "It doesn't matter if a cat is black or white, so long as it catches the mice."

Some of you already know that KAPIMA supported Gen. Danny Lim's campaign for a senate seat in 2010 elections. Though the movement did not endorse any presidential candidate in 2010, its founder, chairman, and vice chairman who is based in New Zealand supported on a personal level the presidential candidacy of Prof. Eddie Villanueva. KAPIMA is also looking forward to work side-by-side with the endeavors of the President Carlos P. Garcia Foundation.

After elections Kapima would be having the following seven slated programs:

1. ENCOURAGING ONE ANOTHER thru monthly or bimonthly meeting and fellowship.

2. LEARNING FROM ONE ANOTHER thru monthly or bimonthly forum on socio-economic-political issues

3. SERVING THE PEOPLE thru community development and out-reach programs.

4. LEADING THE MOVEMENT thru chapter-building in campuses, companies, and communities.

5. STRENGTHENING THE MOVEMENT thru alliances with like-minded organizations and leaders.

6. STEADFAST ELECTORAL PARTICIPATION thru supporting the campaign of national candidates and by fielding local candidates.

7. REALIZING OUR VISION thru consistent observance and application of our fundamental mission and values day by day, one step at a time, day in and day out.

Let me encourage you to join us on our Kapima journey. We've been in the road for a year now and we'd be so glad if you'll join us along on our incredible journey in nation-building. Lao Tzu, a famous Chinese sage said "Qiān lǐ zhī xíng, shǐ yú zú xia." Sa wikang Tagalog "Ang lahat ng matagumpay na paglalakbay ay nagsisimula sa isang maliit subalit tamang hakbang".

I ask you to join and support KAPIMA. Today we are "nobodies" and insignificant few. But tomorrow we will become "somebodies" and very significant in rebuilding our great nation. Believe me, we can make our people's lives better and every Filipino proud to be a Filipino!

Salamat po! Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!


A transformed Philippines in our generation's time (2009 - 2034). We will strive to be in the position of authority in the government, business, church, academe, military, media, and in other influential sectors of the society in order to realize our 8 visions for the Philippines.

1. A harmonious society with vibrant economy and political stability.

2. A patriotic, educated, enterprising, and virtuous citizens.

3. A nationalistic, meritocratic, democratic, and effective government.

4. A thriving entrepreneurial, agricultural, and industrial economy.

5. A professional, disciplined, and modern armed and police forces.

6. A proactive, independent, and just foreign policy.

7. A commitment in protecting the local environment.

8. A nation where freedom of religion is observed and respected.

With strong effort of will, guided by knowledge and wisdom, and helped by divine grace, Kapima will achieve our immediate goals for our generation of:

1. Employment and education for the majority of the Filipino people and eradication of mass poverty.

2. Sustained economic growth and increase in the real per capita income of the Filipino.

3. Equity in the distribution of income and wealth among Filipino individuals and the nation's geographical regions.

4. Maintenance of equilibrium between the Philippines' outflow and inflow of foreign exchange.

5. Institutionalize an effective mechanism to combat and curb corruption in the government and in other sectors of the society.

6. Preservation of Philippine culture and the patrimony of the nation.

7. Increased unity among all Filipinos, national unity through patriotism.

Our organization will be known by its attributes of being:

1. We plan and operate in short, medium, and long-term perspectives. Kapima can see ahead to guide our people to the best, wisest way forward.

2. We have a strong sense of unity, loyalty and discipline. This means that our leaders and members may have come from different socio, economic, political, and religious background and yet Kapima can stand together to work as one effectively.

3. We have espoused a Kapima Filipino political-economic ideology as explained in our Kapima Viewpoint. In espousing an ideology we remind ourselves to never be trapped by the possible extremes and excesses of ideology. Instead, we will maintain a flexible approach in seeking solutions to the problems confronting our nation while not compromising our principles. Hence, we will show that Kapima can work.

4. We say what we will do and do what we say. When we keep our promises people can trust Kapima.

5. We share the feelings of our people. Kapima can feel and is one with their hopes and dreams, worries and fears.

6. We can make swift and bold decisions when the situation dictates even in the absence of complete information and in the face of opposition. Kapima can do political will.

7. We have the ability to go on despite difficulty, unfair criticism, opposition, discomfort, risk, and possibility of failure. Kapima can last through tough times to accomplish our vision-mission for the present and next generation Filipinos.

In achieving our lofty and noble vision, our team and our individual lifestyle must be guided by:

1. Faith in God in good times and in bad times

2. Love of Country at all times and in all places

3. Unity in purpose, in triumph, and in adversity

4. Integrity and discipline- personally and professionally

5. Courage under fire and grace under pressure

6. Obedience and loyalty to Kapima principles

7. Excellence at home, in school, in the community, and in the workplace.

Kapima is in contrast with liberalism for it rejects secularism and unbridled laissez-faire capitalism, Kapima emphasize on the fact that the individual is part of a bigger community and has duties and responsibilities towards it. However, Kapima is in common with some aspects of liberalism like on its emphasis on human rights and individual initiative. Kapima is in contrast with conservatism for is is open to change and an advocate of more fluid social mobility and not necessarily supportive of the social status quo. However, Kapima is in common with some aspects of conservatism like its view on traditional moral values, a view of the evolutionary development of society, and on its emphasis on law and order. Kapima is in contrast with socialism for we support a market economy and we do not adhere to the class struggle doctrine. However, Kapima is in common with some aspects of socialism like its emphasis on the importance of community, social solidarity, support for a welfare state, and support for some regulation of market forces. In essence, Kapima is a Fililipino Ideology that straddles center to left and center to right stand. In espousing an ideology we remind ourselves to be never be trapped by the possible extremes and excesses of ideology. Instead, we will maintain a flexible approach in seeking solutions to the problems confronting our nation while not compromising our principles. Kapima is Filipino patriotism and nationalism in the 21st century. Kapima is all about positioning Philippine national interest in a rapidly changing world. Kapima is all about loving, caring, and protecting what God has given to the Filipino people. Kapima is 21st century Filipino lifestyle.

Our centerpiece policy is dubbed as "8-V-3". Our 8 visions policy coupled with our 3 principles of governance is aimed at creating a revitalized 21st century PHILIPPINES where majority of Filipinos have decent means of living due to nationalist yet empirical pragmatic WISE ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT; a society that is warm and caring due to good citizenship and GOOD MORAL GUIDANCE; and an effective, trustworthy, and good government due to dynamic democracy and STRONG POLITICAL LEADERSHIP.

KAPIMA supported Gen. Danny Lim's campaign for a senate seat in 2010 election. Though the movement did not endorse any presidential candidate in 2010, its founder, chairman, and vice chairman supported on a personal level the candidacy of Prof. Eddie Villanueva. We are also planning to affiliate ourselves to the President Carlos P. Garcia Foundation. After elections we will have the following activities:

1. Monthly meeting and fellowship

2. Monthly or bimonthly forum on socio-economic-political issues

3. Community development and out-reach programs

4. Chapter-building in campuses and communities

5. Alliances with like-minded organizations

We are also planning to field local candidates on 2013 elections.

1. We are against the Pork Barrel. We believe that is a big source of corruption and a catalyst for politics of patronage.

2. We are for sincere Land Reform. We need to give the farmers their land, we must provide, equip and empower our farmers.

3. We are against Contractualization. Having contractual-status workers are prohibited by law and it should be enforced.

4. We are against the unabated yearly Tuition Fee Hike. Education should not be made a business enterprise.

5. We are against the Labor Export Policy, the OFW phenomena. Families are being destroyed, we need to develop our own industries to provide jobs to the masses.

6. We are against Unjust Treaties. State-to-state agreements like the VFA.

7. We are against too much Westernization of our Culture. We need to resurrect and develop our Filipino culture, our own identity as a nation.

8. We care for our Environment. We are for the protection, preservation, and cultivation of our environment and natural resources, we are for a proactive and preventive stance against environmental threats.

9. We are against Drugs, Prostitution, and Pornography. We care for the dignity of every Filipino youth.

(as of March 2009)

1. Education
Education is our top priority. We are for an educated citizenry. We will make sure that the highest portion of the national budget goes to education. We are for Mass Education.

Educational values will be reoriented towards more useful courses. We will develop an educational system that will contribute greatly to our entrepreneurial development, agricultural modernization, and national industrialization.

We will implement an educational curriculum that will encourage the practice of good values and spur the patriotism of the studentry and at the same time enhance their competencies on Information & Communications Technology, Biotechnology, Agri-technology, Entrepreneurship, English, Spanish, Chinese, Math, and Science.

We are calling for a halt to the perpetual increase of tuition fees among state and private colleges and universities. Majority of students are suffering from unabated tuition fee increase. Thus, we demand this both as a students right and as a supreme act of patriotism and compassion among the heads of colleges and universities, including government agencies concerned.

We will strive to produce more Filipino scientists and technologists.

We will revive the use of our very own Alibata language.

We will mandate that every student be trained on our very own Arnis martial arts.

We will add more years to the schooling of our students. Six years for elementary education. 3 years for middle school education. 3 years for high school education.

We will pursue a competency-based grading system to assist academically challenged students. We will not allow these students to be left behind.

We will give special importance and focus on the needs of tertiary education but without compromising the needs of elementary and secondary education.

We will launch a massive tuition support loan programs and scholarships for college students.

We will closely coordinate with the private sector on having a multi-billion peso educational fund.

We will send poor but intelligent students to the best schools abroad and in return they will be required to work and serve and lead the state.

We will increase the salary of teachers and instructors. We will institutionalize a mechanism to give incentives to outstanding teachers and instructors.

We will increase budgetary allocations for the development of teaching materials and facilities including school buildings. We will make it a point that all schools from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi will have good school buildings with high-grade computer systems.

We will strive that in 1-year time the ratio of books to students will be 1:3 and in another years time it’ll be 1:1. The present ratio is 1:5.

We will promote alternative education systems for both the old and the young, poor and the rich.

We will transform government-run television stations into a 100% education-dedicated TV.

We will provide with the help of the private sector in providing quality education to far-flung areas by using state-of-the-art web-based, online and distance education technology.

2. Housing
Our goal is a decent house for every Filipino family. No Filipino must be a squatter in his own country. Socialized, low-cost housing will be undertaken to provide a decent house for the masa.

In 365 days we will make it a point that there will be no street children and parents in sight. We will clear the streets of street children and parents. We will provide for the immediate needs of the poorest of the poor roaming our streets.

We will encourage the private sector (business, churches, civil society, and people’s organization) to be more actively involved in providing house for the poor. We will particularly ask top 5000 Filipino companies in providing a decent house for the masa and in leading housing loan projects for the poor.

We will create a special housing loan programs for the masa under SSS, GSIS, and Pag-Ibig fund.

We will eliminate the bureaucratic red tape of a long, arduous requirement of starting a housing project.

We will see to it that the Balanced Housing Program under the Urban Development Housing Act will be implemented.

We will make sure that there will be economic opportunities in the countryside to mitigate the massive influx of rural people deciding to go to urban centers and ending up being squatters.

We will launch a “stay now, pay later” housing program for the common tao. Along with the program is a livelihood and skills training program and job-placement program to make sure that in no time they’ll be able to pay through their income their housing loan.

3. Environment
We will observe and seriously implement all national and international environmental laws. If necessary, we will review our existing environmental laws to punish violators.

We will formulate a Comprehensive Environmental Protection Law.

We will promote sustainable development. We will create a program that will provide special incentives to business firms and consumers caring for the environment.

We will pursue a “green-driven energy” source. We will utilize to the wisest and to the fullest measure our God-given natural resources for the benefit of the Filipino people and the world. This we will do without totally abandoning the idea of building safe and effective nuclear power plants.

We will strengthen the powers of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

We will swiftly arrest and prosecute illegal loggers and miners. We will show no fear or compromise to erring firms.

We will shutdown in factories that will not comply with environmental safety standards.

We will take out of the streets in one-year environmental risky public transportation vehicles and private vehicles.

We will work hand-in-hand with the private sector in preserving, conserving, and protecting our environment.

We will have a massive program of replanting trees, cleaning of waterways and canals, and effective garbage disposal.

We will make the environment of our top cities of our country - Manila, Cebu, and Davao, clean and green and productive. Worthy to host an Asian Games or even an Olympic Games in the near future.

We will expand our national parks and we will make more public parks for the enjoyment of the Filipino family.

We will institutionalize a national waste segregation scheme that will be strictly observed down to the barangay level.

4. Poverty & Unemployment
We will anchor our anti-mass poverty campaign on the Kapima economic philosophy and policies of Filipino-style Social Market Economics. Our economic system rejects both the communist socialist economic policies and the capitalist laissez-faire economics.

We will unleash the entrepreneurial power of the private sector tempered with measures of the state to establish productivity, employment, fair competition, low inflation, good working conditions, and social welfare.

We will strive to achieve a sustained GNP growth rate of 7 to 10 percent on a 7 to 10 year time duration. Economic growth that goes down to the masa and not only to the oligarchs.

To attract and boost the confidence of local and foreign investors critical for the creation of jobs we will promote good governance, effectively maintain peace and order, and create stable, consistent, regulatory and business policies.

We will reduce the cost and time of doing business here in the Philippines at par with other Asian tiger countries.

We will launch together with the private sector a massive, a nationwide entrepreneurial and employment program and a one-time fund for the education and skills training of the poor and the unemployed.

We will make the poor productive by utilizing their number one asset - labor. We will not tolerate dole-outs and philanthropic state activities for the poor. We will make the poor part of nation-building by incorporating them to our pro-poor economic strategy. We will enable the poor to actively participate in making their economic and financial life better.

We will have an all-out war against graft and corruption, one of the main reasons why we have mass poverty.

5. Graft & Corruption
We will walk our talk. We will lead by good example. We will use force to government people practicing graft and corruption.

We will be honest, transparent, responsible, and accountable to the people.

We will be wise, prudent, diligent, and will act with a sense of urgency in providing public service and in making public works and projects.

We will formulate a comprehensive program to trim-down our bloated bureaucracy. Likewise, we will reorient, equip, empower, and boost the morale of our civil service. We will make sure that our civil servants will get a reasonable wage commensurate to their functions and duties.

We will make transparency work in financial transactions by using integrated electronic and computerized mode of linkages.

We will cut bureaucratic red tape producing corruption by eliminating layers upon layers of signatures required for the issuance of business permits and certifications.

We will convert and store in secured databases public documents and public documentations currently stored in paper files to electronic documents and electronic documentations. Documents and documentation not sensitive to national security issues will be available for the public.

We will create “Anti-Corrupt Practices Agency” an anti-corruption super body that will fight graft and corruption. ACPA will operate under the mantle of the Office of the President/Prime Minister. ACPA will be composed of an elite group of patriotic, fearless, and incorruptible Filipinos both from the public and private sector. ACPA would be independent from the Philippine National Police and National Bureau of Investigation and other government agencies to prevent any undue interference in its investigations. ACPA will have the power to:

- Provide oversight and inspection functions to government projects

- Investigate not just the suspect, but also the suspect's family or operators and to examine their financial and other records.

- Require the attendance of witnesses for interview.

- Investigate any other offence, which will be discovered in the course of a corruption investigation.

- Charge and prosecute corrupt civil servants and grafters.

We will abolish the pork barrel fund in the congress.

6. Foreign Debt
We believe that our foreign debt was generated not only by global mechanisms seemingly beyond our control, but also by internal decisions and activities made by our government and its middlemen.

We will support the United Nations Initiatives to debt cancellation for the heavily indebted poor countries and the Jubilee Campaign programs on the cancellation of onerous debt transactions.

With a heavy heart to solve our foreign debt problem through the dismissal of radical and unilateral means, we will pursue through hard work and smart work a goodwill-solidarity based, multilateral, multisectoral, sustainable, just, and effective foreign debt management with a characteristic of:

- A government that will seriously bring effective, efficient, wise and responsible fiscal and policy measures to domestically finance developmental goals and public services.

- A government that will equip, empower, and boost the morale of the local government and the private sector to achieve developmental goals.

- A government that will stop tax leakages because of graft and corruption. Money used for paying our debts and public service is lost because of corruption.

- A credible auditing of all public sector debts that will serve as the basis for the determination of onerous contracts.

- A debt-for-development swap that does not require policy conditions from creditors. We believe that debt-for-equity solution is highly risky. Even so, we will further our study on the different variations of debt-for-equity solution.

- A repeal of the Automatic Appropriations Law.

- A government that will pursue its national interest by sincerely looking into and honestly reviewing our agreements with international lending firms and international financial institutions such as World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

7. Health
We will strive to make every Filipino healthy. Quality health care will be accessible and affordable to the average Filipino family.

We will expand the powers of the Department of Health to provide for the medical needs of the masa. We will allocate more budget to government agencies concerned with the promotion of good health among Filipinos.

We will expand the coverage of the National Insurance Law. Earmarked money from the health insurance fund will go to our health programs most importantly in our anti-malnutrition program.

8. Criminality
We will have a massive, fearless, and down-to-the barangay level campaign against criminality and lawlessness.

We will launch an all-out campaign against illegal drugs. We will drug-test politicians, policemen, military men, and the entire civil service. We will arrest people involved in illegal drugs. We will neutralize drug syndicates. We will clear the barangays of illegal drugs. We will dismantle illegal drugs laboratory. We will coordinate with international bodies to stop the menace of illegal drugs. We will seek the help of the private sector in winning the battle against illegal drugs.

We will identify, remove, arrest, and prosecute government, police, and military officials involved in illegal activities.

We will reorient and reorganize the police force from top-to-bottom to get rid of corrupt members.

We will increase police visibility on the streets and augment more police precincts, stations, and mobile patrols.

We will punish civilian and off-duty military and police personnel carrying firearms in public places.

We will strengthen our partnership with civilian anti-crime groups. We will provide state funds to anti-crime groups.

We will augment the budget of our law enforcement agencies. We will see to it that they will be well compensated and that their equipments are upgraded.

We will see to it that in 3 months our law enforcement agencies must transform themselves into an efficient, incorruptible, working force. Rogue cops and hoodlums in uniforms will be dismissed from duty and will be charged before our courts.

We will fill our law enforcement agencies with fresh, new, better-trained and well-equipped recruits. Their immediate task is to make sure that the streets are safe for everyone. We will see these new recruits on our streets in 3 months time upon our assumption of state power.

9. Terrorism

We condemn all forms of terrorism. We will work hard in giving safety and security to all Filipinos and to all foreigners staying in our country. We will develop a framework and a mechanism to prevent any form of terrorism to happen in our country.

We will not hesitate to use the armed forces and state power within the bounds of just law to any terror group (i.e. ASG, JI, and AQ).

10. Peace Talks
We will seriously and sincerely strive to achieve peace with the various political organizations and movements who are taking-up arms to press their legitimate concerns and achieve their goals. This, we will do because they are also our Filipino brothers and sisters..

We will formulate a national peace program that shall be the framework for dialogue and negotiations with all groups that have taken up arms against the government.

We will sit together on the peace table with the muslim separatist movements and communist movements who are taking-up arms to achieve their goals. While peace talks are pursued the government should seriously stop any military operations.

We will not allow our country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity to be compromised in any of our peace talks.

We will vigorously achieve peace talk goals aimed to collectively combat poverty in Mindanao and elsewhere in the countryside.

11. Local Governance
We will give local government units the ability to be more self-governing.

We will launch a comprehensive program that will bring governance and public service closer to the people.

We will take steps to promote good governance, increased accountability among local officials, and to improve absorptive capacity by education and training and by the formation of various organizations composed of local officials.

We are for the immediate release of geothermal royalties due local governments. Energy source from and for the local government will spur national economic growth.

12. Charter Change
We are for Charter change after 2010 Elections. We believe that Charter change must be decided by the Filipino people and not just by the few. Whether or not Charter change will be accepted by the public should be decided by the Filipino people through the ballot.

We favor Charter change after 2010 Elections, which will shift our current form of government into a federal, parliamentary, representative democratic republic. We believe that this form of government will better address the pressing needs of our poor countrymen, especially in the provinces. In this new form of government there would be a President acting as the head of the state and he would be elected by the people. There would be a Prime Minister acting as the head of the government and he would be elected by the Members of the Parliament. There would be Members of the Parliament (MP) fairly representing different geopolitical districts from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. An MP would be elected by their particular constituents. Former heads of state would not be allowed to run as President or Prime Minister under the new form of government. Let’s do away the system where most of our politicians and policy makers are from Manila. Let’s give more opportunity to brilliant and competent politicians and policy makers from the 80 provinces of our nation.

We need to have an in-depth study as to changing our Constitution’s economic provisions. Safeguarding of our national patrimony and national interest are non-negotiable. We are in favor of developing and gaining the advantages of an increased domestic direct investment. In line with this we oppose the proposed 100% foreign land ownership because we find no absolute link between the factor of full foreign land ownership to the sure increase of foreign direct investment. Other pertinent factors such as having qualified global workforce, maintenance of peace and order, an image of good investment prospects, big domestic market size, reasonable business production costs and efficiency, good infrastructure, economic stability, and intolerance to corruption should be the main focus to attract increased foreign investments.

We will abolish unnecessary government departments, agencies and offices to trim-down our bloated bureaucracy. We will do this to save government money and to ensure speedy delivery of public services down to the barangay level. Local governments will be busy and productive in providing swift and efficient public services.

We believe that Character change and not only Charter change is an utmost importance.

13. Judiciary
We will make the judiciary true to its task of dispensing justice to the people. We will formulate a framework to make the judiciary and other government agencies better partners in nation-building by frequent dialogue.

To wisely and speedily dispense justice we will consider the adaption of the jury system.

We will strive to eliminate the concept of our so many people that justice here in our country is either delayed or denied.

14. Abortion
We are absolutely against abortion. We believe that abortion is murder. We will arrest and prosecute abortionists.

15. Divorce
We are not for divorce. We are for a system that ensures the preservation of marriage. However, in our country even without formal divorce we have civil and church annulments.

We will make sure that cases of domestic violence will be seriously look at and children with absent parents will be ensured of getting continued support from their parents.

We will also craft a framework where single moms or dads will be given assistance by the government.

16. Prostitution & Pornography
We will never legalize prostitution. We are against any form of prostitution. In 365 days prostitution dens will be closed down and their operators arrested and prosecuted.

We will implement programs that will uphold the rights, welfare, and responsibilities of women. Prostitutes will be given an opportunity to reform their lives and become more productive citizens.

We will launch an all-out war against various forms of pornography and we will expand and strengthen anti-porno laws.

17. Gay Rights
We are against any form of sexual immorality. We will not condemn gays and lesbians and we will give them equal rights and opportunities to develop themselves. We will treat them with respect and dignity like anyone else.

We will never allow same sex marriages for we believe that it has a negative moral, social, and cultural impact.

18. Gambling
We oppose illegal gambling in all forms. We will make our people entrepreneurial and productive so that they will not turn to games of chance to earn money.

We will stop the operations of government-run gambling facilities.

We will order for the immediate arrest and prosecution of gambling lords (i.e. jueteng lords)

19. Death Penalty
We strongly condemn criminals and outlaws but despite our indignation against their sinful acts we will not impose the death penalty except on drug lords and traffickers and local warlords committing heinous crimes.

We will strive to make sure that Filipino families are safe and secure 24/7 and our law enforcement agencies will strive to be more proactive in crime prevention.

We will focus more on crime prevention rather than on the punishment of crime.

20. Labor
We believe that the state must afford full protection to labor, local and overseas, organized and unorganized, and promote full employment opportunities for all.

We believe that the state must guarantee the rights of all workers to self-organization, collective bargaining and negotiations, and peaceful concerted activities, including the right to strike in accordance with law.

We believe that workers must be entitled to security of tenure, human conditions of work, and a wage in tune to the needs of the time.

We believe that workers must be represented in policy and decision-making processes affecting their rights and benefits.

21. Population
We will address the issue of population explosion by seeking the cooperation of all sectors, including churches, in formulating an effective, respectful of life, responsible, wise parenthood and maternal care program. We look at our people no matter how poor and unproductive they are in the angle of human dignity and unlimited potential of the human spirit and not from the angle of numbers and uncompassionate logic.

We will strive to make our people productive therefore eliminating the issue that the growing number of our people is our main problem.

22. Agrarian Reform
We believe that agrarian reform is of utmost necessity to hasten economic productivity in the countryside and for over-all national development.

We believe that Agrarian Reform is a Constitutional mandate with social justice as its essence. Hence, it is the high duty of the government to meet the ends of social justice and to effectively accomplish its Constitutional mandate as far as agrarian reform is concerned.

We believe that genuine land reform involves increased productivity of farmers; just, sincere, genuine, and with a sense of urgency to distribute land to farmers; and immediate and no non-sense application of the rule of law to farmland grabbers regardless of who they are.

We believe that the government must establish a mechanism to ensure that land reform will not only include land distribution but will also include farmers education, agricultural extension, credit facilities, cooperatives, technical assistance, irrigation system, and other infrastructure supports.

23. National Defence
We believe that our national defence should be a clear reflection and extension of our national interest and not of other nation's national security agenda.

We believe that the defense of our nation against internal and external threats is the prime responsibility of the armed forces and the citizenry themselves.

We will make our reformation of the armed forces revolve around the concepts of professionalization, modernization, maintenance, structural reform, and organizational empowerment.

We will create a framework for a 10-year National Defense Modernization Program that will replace the existing AFP Modernization Program.

We will make a mechanism to ensure that funds for modernization, intelligence, operations, and maintenance will go to its proper places.

We will establish an effective and strict inventory mechanism for all the arms, ammunition, and firepower of our armed forces.

We will establish an independent justice system within the AFP to make it more effective in dispensing justice. We will be fearless in cleansing our armed forces of erring officials and members. Uniformed men and their staff involved in political harassment or killing will be strictly dealt with.

We will establish a framework for the absorption of the Philippine National Police to the Armed Forces of the Philippines. This move will result to better coordinated operational actions and organizational discipline, not to mention that there would be clarity of duties, functions, and responsibilities.

We will review the by-laws of the AFP- RSBS to ensure that the retirement pay of all our armed forces personnel would be guaranteed. We will make sure that the basic needs (good salary and decent housing) of our uniformed men will be met.

We will review our existing defence agreements like the VFA and we will explore new grounds of defence agreements with Asian nations.

We will create a new upgraded program and system to the existing ROTC program. We will strengthen and make the ROTC program more meaningful to the youth and to the the needs of the society.

We will incorporate Kapima values and attributes the curricula of PMA and PNPA. We will make the PMA and PNPA curricula more responsive to the needs of the time. The PMA and PNPA should be more attractive to the youth.

24. Foreign Policy

We will have a reorientation of our foreign policy to make it visionary, proactive, reflective, and a sure extension of our national interest.

We will commit our foreign policy to the principles of international cooperation and reciprocity, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-aggression and non-interference in internal affairs of the nation, and peaceful co existence of the family of nations.

We will review our previous foreign policy decisions and agreements with nations and international organizations including World Bank and IMF.

We will continue to actively participate on inter-regional and international organizations, which are rules-based and members-driven.

We will provide assistance to the collective multilateral approach to the prevention and solution of international conflict only through a rules-based and members-driven United Nations.

We will strategically make our foreign policy work for our national interest by reflecting on foreign affairs realities of regional integration and globalization.

We will review our territorial claims over Sabah and we will never compromise our rights over Spratlys.

We will intensify our foreign relations with our common partners and establish new grounds with Islamic states particularly Saudi Arabia and Asian nations particularly China.

We will transform our Department of Foreign Affairs into an agency more active, passionate, and compassionate to the needs of OFW’s.

These are just some of our stand and solutions to the so many other issues facing our country today. We will post more of our solutions and platform very soon.


Kapima was founded on March 19, 2009 by John Estallo. Kapima is currently being led by Mark Enriquez, Donmar Pineda, Darryl Laude, Lorna Baquiran, Dave Castro, Mean Banda, Dennis Hao, Joseph de Guzman, Francis Camtugan, Von Rondilla, Gepind Requirme, Orville Rosillo, and Adrian dela Cruz.


Minamahal ko ang Kapima at ang Pilipinas; Ang Pilipinas ay dakilang bayan, lahing aking ikinararangal;
Kalooban ng Diyos upang ako’y maging Pilipino at Kapima;
Bilang Kapima, tungkulin ko na gawing marangal, malakas, mayaman, madunong at mabuti ang aking bayan;
Tutuparin ko ang dakilang tungkulin ng isang Kapima;
namumuno, naglilingkod, nagdarasal, ipinagtatanggol ang mga mahihina at mga naaapi;
Gagawin ko ito ng buong puso’t isipan alang-alang sa aking mga mahal sa buhay, pamilya, at bayan; Ako ay Pilipino. Ako ay Kapima ngayon, bukas, at magpakailanman.


Dakilang lahi na sa 'yong tangi

pag-ibig ko Inang bayan isinumpa ko
o Pilipino gagaling ang sugat ng iyong nakaraan
nang pahiran ko luha ng 'yong puso
ay natayo muli ang karangalan mo

o Ang pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo Inang bayan

ikaw ang s'yang dalangin ko sa Diyos kailan pa man
kuminang na ang iyong bituin at sumikat na'ng araw ang kalayaan mo'y sinisigaw

Ang bukas ay tanging sa'yo nakalaan kayumanggi

ang kulay mo dugo't pawis inalay mo
'di ka na maaapi ngayon o kailanman
pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo Inang bayan

Dakilang bayan kapayapaan iyo'y muli nang nakamtan

tulad noong araw bago inagaw ang kayamanan mo
ang 'yong kalayaan nang pahiran ko
luha ng 'yong puso ay natayo muli ang karangalan mo

Kahit na gaano kaliit ang tinig ko

buong lakas akong magtatanggol sa 'yo
ang bukas ay tanging sa'yo nakalaan kayumanggi
ang kulay mo ang buhay ko'y alay sa 'yo
'di ka na maaapi ngayon o kailanman
pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo inang bayan
pag-ibig ko'y sa 'yo inang bayan


40 Leadership Tips from Dr. Jose Rizal by Mr. Leo Almonte

7 E's Platform for the Philippines by Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Dr. Cielito Habito,

A Nation’s Blueprint to True Prosperity by Dr. Steve Legasto

Ang Demokratikong Pilipinong Ulnong by Sen. Lorenzo Tañada, Prof. Renato Constantino,

Filipino First Policy by Pres. Carlos P. Garcia


Note: We would require you to read thoroughly first our profile before applying to become a bonafide Kapima member.

1. A Filipino citizen.

2. 15 to 35 years old.

3. Believes on the vision, mission, goals, values, attributes, viewpoint, and platform of KAPIMA.

4. Willing to give on a voluntary basis 100 pesos a month for the KAPIMA treasury.

5. Willing to serve and lead KAPIMA on an elected and appointed organizational position and the nation on an elected and appointed public position.

6. Is not an officer or an active member of any political organization.

7. If you were a former officer or a former active member of any political organization, we would require you to submit to us a letter of dismissal from your previous political organization and your letter of resignation to your previous political organization. These are necessary for us because it is our policy to maintain cordial relations with other political organizations, even to those organizations who may not like us. We hope you don't mind.

If you think you are qualified, please send us an e-mail to or send us a facebook message with the following information:

1. Complete name

2. Contact number

3. Complete Address

4. A brief answer to the following questions:

- Why do you want to be a Kapima?

- What do you expect from Kapima?

- What can Kapima expect from you?

- What are your present and previous political affiliations?


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