Friday, June 11, 2010

Dealing with Backstabbers!

There are different forms of backstabbing, biggest and familiar form is called “tsismis” or gossips. I was born in a country with a "tsismis" culture where a simple rumour such as the "7'6 Mount Apo guy who plays basketball on his barefoot using a coconut as a ball" becomes believable to everyone. As a Filipino, I witnessed a lot of backstabbing in any form. Heck, I'm sure a group of drunken unpatriotic idiots with no future are backstabbing me right now. But who cares!!!!

Anyway, people have to move on and ignore backstabbing. I'll tell you the story of Stephen, the second Christian martyr after John the Baptist. Stephen was preaching (Acts 7: 1-60) the "Words of God" and the people cannot accept his teachings. The people throw him out of the city while yelling and throwing stones at him. During the stoning, he did not listen to what people were saying and shouting at him. Instead, he prayed to God and ignored the people that were about to murder him (or while murdering him). He died after that but he died ignoring what the people were saying at him. So the lesson of the story is no matter what people say at you, just ignore them. Who cares about them. Your life is about you, not about them.

A friend of mine once posted this in her facebook profile: "Its great to know that people talk about you knowing their sources are wrong coz that simply means that you have made an impression. It doesn't matter if its good or bad, just knowing I have affected someones pathetic little life makes me proud!"

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