Saturday, June 5, 2010

The “Freedom of Information” Bill

Just recently, the 14th Congress of the Philippines ignored the “Freedom of Information” Bill (FOI Bill) simply because legislators are afraid that the people will have the right to demand the government or public officials how much money they are spending and what are they spending it for.

Here in New Zealand, the public have the right to know what the expenditures of government bureaucrats and even of the legislators. For the last two years, a lot of MPs (Members of Parliament) were caught overspending and using taxpayers' money for their personal interests.

If the “Freedom of Information” Bill passes, there is a big chance that corrupt bureaucrats and corrupt politicians in the Philippines being caught by the public.

Some Congressmen intentionally avoided attendance in the last session of the Lower House simply because they are not the main beneficiaries of the bill. Once it turn into law, over spenders and corrupt officials will be under scrutiny. Since theres a lot of them in our already corrupt bureaucracy and over-chaotic Congress, then we will not be able to. They intentionally took that right from the Filipino people.

Anyway, the 14th Congress has failed to pass the FOI Bill but in my opinion, no matter how many times they postpone or avoid it… It will keep coming back to haunt them. We want that right to know… The right to know what they are up to… The right to know taxpayers’ money were not spent on somebody else’s pocket…

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  1. From Congressman Ruffy Biazon:


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