Sunday, June 20, 2010

Her Name Was Neda

Last year, June 20, 2009, while the world watch, the United Nations and the West lazily (or pretending) condemning the election result. The Iranian people marched in the streets to protest the result of the presidential election. On that fateful day, Neda died of a gun shot while in the streets watching history unfold. She would become the symbol of the revolution that yet to succeed over authoritarianism in one of the oldest countries in the world.
"Her Name Was Neda"
 On the streets of Tehran
On a warm summers day
A beautiful life
Was taken away

She stood with her father
Looking out on the crowd
A scene of destruction
And outrage surrounds

The victory stolen
From under their feet
A courageous people
Take to the street

A burning desire
For freedom and justice
Breaking the bonds
Of oppressions cruel clutches

She feels the excitement
As her people march on
Feeling the hope
Of a countries new dawn

She turns to her father
A smile brightens her face
She kisses his cheek
Their hands each embrace

A sharp pain in her chest
She falls to the ground
She lays there unblinking
As people surround

Her father is crying
He looks into her eyes
He sees his sweet daughter
His life's dearest prize

"Neda, please stay!"
He calls to her now
As tears of great sadness
Fall to the ground

She looks back on life's journey
She feels so at peace
Content she lets go
And her soul is released

Her name was Neda
Which means voice or call
Her life not forgotten
She'll be remembered by all

A brave young girl
Now returned to the earth
A symbol of freedom
In a country's rebirth

~ A poem by Crystal Busenbark~

[This is a poem that Crystal Busenbark wrote about the young girl name Neda Agha Soltan (ندا آقا سلطان) who was shot by the Basiji in Tehran. Also check out link. It is my deepest desire to get this poem into the hands of the Iranian people, and most especially her father. Please help post this poem anywhere that you feel might spread the circulation of it to the people of Iran. Thank you.]

(Warning: The video is disturbing/shocking/inappropriate for some people)

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