Saturday, August 28, 2010

Review: NTeams 06 (NBA Live Add-On/Patch)

To commemorate the 2010 FIBA World Championship, I am going to re-post this entry again (last posted in May 2010).


I said it before and I will say it again... whoever made the Philippine National Basketball Team add-on for the NTeams 06 patch of the NBA Live 06 is a genius!

After years of searching the net for Philippine National Team add-ons or patches compatible to all or at least one of my NBA Live games, I finally nailed it. After a brief trip for a grocery two weeks ago, I checked out the EB Games store with intent for just being their for the "window shopping"* and since my "NBA Live 08" is not working properly, I planned to buy a new one. However, the "NBA Live 06" is the only available version in Hornby Branch and of course, its much cheaper too. For the price of $10! What a bargain!

Anyway, I checked out the NBA Live Series Center for any Mods, Patches and Add-Ons available for the 06 version and aside from the "Roster Update", I found the "National Teams Live 06" (NTeams) patch. The NTeams 06 is the one and only version available in the NBA Live series. Other NBA Lives before and after NBA Live 06 does not have their NTeams version. Although, NBA Live 08 have its own "World Championship" national teams but it has limited numbers of participating teams.

NTeams 06 is a patch for the NBA Live 06 in which the regular NBA teams are replace by national basketball teams. Team USA and Team Pilipinas, the Australian Boomers and the New Zealand Tall Blacks, Dirk Nowitzki and the German national team, Yao Ming and the Chinese national team, are just some of the available and playable national teams. Unfortunately, the rosters are not updated. In  the case of Team USA, the national team was the old roster of 2006 World Championship/2004 Olympic Games (Iverson, James, Duncan, Anthony, Wade, etc.) and in the case of Team Pilipinas, the national team roster was the Chot Reyes-coached RP Team of 2005 (Alapag, Adducul, Taulava, Caguioa, Menk, etc.).

To all NBA Live gamers out there and very much bored playing or using NBA teams all the time then try NTeams. In addition, since most of you NBA Live gamers should have your own NBA Live 08 by now, then patching NTeams for your "old" 06 version shouldn't be a problem.

So if you are keen to use and patch NTeams to your NBA Live 06, then follow this instruction:

  • NTeams will only work in the NBA Live 06 version
  • Players in the national teams are not updated

[*I defined window shopping as looking around the shops and not buying anything.. remind me of a line in a Filipino song "Patingin tingin.. di naman makabili…”]

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