Monday, July 12, 2010

2010 FIFA World Cup

 This year's FIFA World Cup in South Africa was one of the most exciting (perhaps, the greatest) editions of the football tournament. Since, the Philippines were not participating (did not qualify at all) and looks like it will never be :( , I  decided to support three other teams: New Zealand All Whites (my adopted country), England (the team with the biggest burden of expectation), and Spain (I'm a Real Madrid fan and of La Liga).

The 2010 Edition of the most prestigious sporting event in the world turned out to be the tournament of upsets. The 2006 World Cup finalists, France (justice for Ireland) and defending champion Italy (justice for Zidane) were booted out in the group stage. Italian floppers could not even beat New Zealand, in a game full of shameful displays by professional players against a team of professional and part-time players. If the Italians stop "flopping" around that day, they could have win that game but "too much drama", "too much faking", "too much Hollywood" cost them the game. Although it’s a draw but that was a victory for the Kiwis, scoring the first goal (through Shame Smeltz, A-League's leading scorer for the past two seasons) was a big morale booster not just for the All Whites but also for the entire country (New Zealand).

As expected, New Zealand did not make it beyond the group stage but finished the tournament as the only unbeaten team in the 2010 edition with three draws. England, on the other hand, has sort of similar result with just one win and two draws. Other teams would have died to have that record of one win and two draws plus qualifying for the next round. But it’s England, the team with the biggest expectation of them all. The team failed to win a major trophy since 1966 and the fans expected the team would fail to deliver. Of course, injuries and scandal were the lead up towards the failure campaign. From David Beckham's heartbreaking (for him anyway) injury stint with AC Milan to the injury of Rio Ferdinand. Then the scandalous affair of John Terry that lead to his sacking as the national team captain. Despite the draws and the solitary win, fans still not satisfied and the burden turned out to be too much for the English players. England were eliminated in the second round of the tournament thanks to the tournament's form team Germany and the most controversial disallowed goal of the World Cup.

That leaves me with Spain to support all the way.

The European champions were looking forward to win their first World Cup title ever. Although, they did not demolish their opponents but they were playing effective football. Despite losing their opening game against Switzerland, the European champions remained the favourites to capture their first World Cup ever.


As expected, Spain made it to the finals.

The Spaniards faced the Dutch in the World Cup finals with both teams set to create history. The Netherlands came into the finals behind a 25-winning streak but after 90 minutes the game were 0-0 and it looks like a repeat of 2006. However, in the second period of the extra time, a red card and a goal from Andres Iniesta (finals MVP) seal the game and the trophy for Spain.
Spain are the World Champions!


My Teams:
  • New Zealand All Whites (Group Stage)
  • England "Three Lions" (Second Round)
  • Spain "La Furia Roja" (Finals) - world champions

World Cup Finals Result:
Spain (ESP) 1 - 0 Netherlands (NED)

Player of the Tournament:
David Villa (Spain)

Man of the Match (Finals):
Andres Iniesta and Iker Casillas

P.S. The I did not made the photos above and definitely do not own them...

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