Wednesday, August 18, 2010

This guy is a legend...

Last week, a random/anonymous person wrote a letter to Canta Magazine (University of Canterbury's Student Magazine) about a girl he saw for the first time (a love of first sight) and it kinda remind me of the good ol' days when I started my tertiary education.

The letter reminds me of a line in the Yellowcard song, "How I Go":
 Tell you of a girl that I saw
 I froze in the moment and she changed it all
Anyway, here is the letter from that anonymous person:
Dear Girl of Unutterable Beauty,
With whom I locked eyes at 2:03 pm several Tuesday ago. I didn't expect you to change my life forever that Tuesday. You don't get out of bed knowing that your life will change; that would ruin the magical spontaneity of the moment.

I certainly wasn't prepared for this to happen while merely walking to another mundane Lecture. But then you walked past me. To say you merely walk is a profound  understatement; as I swear that you glide through the air, as a mere mortal such as myself is unworthy to walk on the same ground as someone so sublimely graceful. Your beauty threw itself in my face like a scalding hot pie from the oven. But a pie that is so unutterably delicious that I don't care about my burnt face one bit.

I know you felt it too. Our eyes locked for what felt like a transcendence of time. The only thing I have is that ten seconds that replays itself in my head continuously, a scratched CD that painfully repeats itself again and again; etching itself deeper into my heart.

Please meet me under the clock tower 1 pm on Thursday 12th. If you don't decide to show, it will be simply a moment I will cherish until my heart stops.

You can't break my heart; it's liquid. It melted when I saw you.

Your Anonymous Lover


I actually laugh reading the letter but whoever that anonymous person is… he is a legend!

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