Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 Home Test Series [Rugby Union: Philippines vs. Hong Kong]

The Philippine national rugby union team (also known as the Philippine Volcanoes) will play two home test matches against Hong Kong in the middle of April 2011 (April 14 and April 16) at Rizal Memorial Stadium. 

Although, this is good for Philippine rugby and it could be a beginning of rugby rivalry in Asia. I will be worried about the welfare of the Filipino players if they are playing Hong Kong in two rugby XV test matches with only one day to recover from the first test match. This is not Sevens Rugby where teams can play 3-5 matches in one day. I watched the New Zealand All Blacks since 2002; their international test matches are played once every week and thats from a world-class national team. They play their test matches once every week not twice in three days. Unless of course, the Philippine Rugby Football Union (PRFU) will used a completely different line-up for the second test then it’s not a problem at all.

2011 Home Test Series (see also: Philippines in the 2011 Asian Five Nations)
  • vs. Hong Kong, 7-64 (April 14), at Rizal Memorial Stadium [Manila, Philippines] trial match L
  • vs. Hong Kong, 10-74 (April 16), at Rizal Memorial Stadium [Manila, Philippines] L

Here's the 30-man Philippine Volcanoes national squad:

Phil Abraham, JC Bautista, Terry Carroll, Austin Dacanay, Michael de Guzman, Jay Flores, Ronald Fong, Kit Guerra, Chris Hitch, Josh Inong, Freddy Morris, Nick Pineda, Josh Sutcliffe, Jaime Urquijo, Andrew Wolff, Raf Zappia, Rupert Zappia

Arnold Arinion, Dave Carman, Justin Coveney, Chris Everingham, Cleo Gomez, Christian Kennedy, Jake Letts, Michael Letts, John Morales, Patrice Olivier, Oliver Saunders, Ned Stephenson, Kenny Stern
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