Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My 100th Post!

Well this is my 100th "published" post here in my blog. Its something to celebrate about I guess. It is not much for long-time bloggers but some blogs out there do not even reach 50 posts. My first three blogs did not even reach 20 posts (the first two failed to reach 10 posts).
Anyway, it has been seven and half months since I started this blog and it has been a roller-coaster ride. A lot of things happened in my life since then (mostly sad) but life goes on. When I started this blog, I got nothing to say really. I planned to turn it into a personal blog, an on-line journal and I guess I failed on that one.

I recently changed the name and blog URL address from “Donmakles - Lanaoan sa Aotearoa” [] to “The Unknown Gazette” []. The result of the changes was very inconvenient. I have to update all other sites connected to my blog for reconnections. Many of my blog entries became temporarily inaccessible because they still have the old links that ain’t working anymore. I even have a hard time trying to have my new entries publish in the Networked Blog (my main source of readers). Good thing I find out that I only need to update the feed URL and everything back to normal (except that the blog now has a new name and a URL address).

Of course, as I keep pointing out, the blog is all about sharing the things I learned and read about. My opinion/commentaries on the topics of my interests (sports, history, politics, food, personal experiences, memories, etc.) You probably sick of reading that.

Anyway, here is the Top 10 Viewed Blog Entries (May 2010 - January 2011) since I started this blog:

As of January 18, 2011
  1. Philippines in the Korean War (60th Anniversary) [posted on September 19, 2010]
  2. Bibingka Galapong (Coconut Rice Cake) Recipe [posted on September 17, 2010]
  3. Top 60 Greatest Players (Philippine National Basketball Team) [posted on August 15, 2010]
  4. Filipinos in the NBA [posted on January 07, 2011]
  5. World Top 10 Record Holders for the Most Three-Points Shots in a Single Professional Game [posted on January 12, 2011]
  6. Philippine National Football Team Records in Official Football Tournaments [posted on December 20, 2010/originally posted on September 2010]
  7. The Philippines in the 2010 Asian Games (basketball) [posted on October 22, 2010]
  8. The “Philippine Dream Team” in the 1990 Asian Games [posted on October 6, 2010]
  9. Smart Gilas: Road to London [posted on August 23, 2010]
  10. Basketball Rivalry: Philippines and Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) [posted on November 22, 2010]
Previously in the Top 10: Paulasi Taulava: A Tribute and The Christchurch Earthquake Experience of 2010.

Here's the rest of the stats:

I would like to thank all my readers! Some of my blog entries are scheduled (usually 06:00 AM New Zealand Time) and I have 27 entries scheduled [spread out] for the year 2011. Of course, as usual I will be adding more entries of different topics (depends on the mood).


[P.S. This is an scheduled entry.. so by the time this is posted.. I'm probably still sleeping!]

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