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Christchurch Aftershocks Basketball Team at the 2011 Christchurch All-Filipino Cup Basketball League

Well, after two years of absence, I am coming out of basketball retirement and play for my fourth season in the PCSCI Christchurch All-Filipino Cup Basketball League (CAFC). I will be playing for my fourth CAFC team since the league’s inaugural on September 2006.

My new team is a remnant of my old team, the FILSOC Lizards Basketball Team (University of Canterbury Filipino Students Society). The team was literally formed off facebook and text messaging.

The name of the new team is the Christchurch Aftershocks Basketball Team and well, when we formed the team we did not thought of a name until the last minute. The deadline was on December 26, 2010 (the Boxing Day) and well at that time; Christchurch was hit by “aftershocks” (though I thought the first one that day was an earthquake followed by its own aftershocks rather than being a reaction to the big quake last September 2010). So I decided to put “Christchurch Aftershocks” in the registration form.

Anyway, this season will be the 6th Christchurch All Filipino Cup and the team to beat is the two-time defending champion Kiwifino.

CAFC Teams:
  • Kiwifino - back-to-back defending CAFC champions (2009, 2010)
  • Christchurch City Thunders
  • Christchurch Aftershocks
  • Zenors
  • Gideon 300
  • 69ers
  • Cardinals
  • Etomaks - 2011 CAFC champions
  • D'Assemblers

Team Name: Christchurch Aftershocks Basketball Team

Team Manager: Donmar Pineda
Team Captain: Scot Meek

Players (confirmed):
  • Donmar Pineda [#8]
  • Scot Meek [#3]
  • Nemuel Magno [#4]
  • Carmelo Mondala [#1]
  • Paolo Valerio [#2]
  • Mark Aldrin Sy [#5]
  • Mark Alexander Sy [#6]
  • Paul Estacio [#9]
  • Andrei Peñafiel [#7]

Team Schedule (REVISED*)

6th Christchurch All-Filipino Cup
Regular-Season Schedule:
Week 1 (February 19): 02:00-03:00 PM Aftershocks 20 vs. 53 Gideon (L)
Week 2 (March 12): 01:00-02:00 PM Kiwifino 72 vs. 33 [37] Aftershocks* (L)
Week 3 (March 19): 01:00-02:00 PM Cardinals 54 vs. 33 Aftershocks (L)
Week 4 (March 26): -BYE-
Week 5 (April 2): 02:00-03:00 PM Aftershocks 29 vs. 44 Etomaks (L)
[April 9]:  Originally scheduled for Week 6 of the CAFC but postponed for another week due to miscommunication between the organizers and YMCA
Week 6 (April 16): 12:00-01:00 PM 69ers 68 vs. 52 Aftershocks (L)
Week 7 (April 23): 12:00-01:00 PM Thunders 47 vs. 38 Aftershocks (L) [Originally scheduled as the Easter Break but since the league’s schedule was already pushed back several times due to the Christchurch Earthquake, the break was cancelled to accommodate the lost times]
Week 8 (April 30): 03:00-04:00 PM Aftershocks 44 vs. 57 Zenors (L)
Week 9 (May 7): 01:00-02:00 PM D’Assemblers 82 vs. 45 Aftershocks (L)

2011 Season Record: 0-8 (9th place)

[*] Due to the Christchurch Earthquake (February 22), CAFC League schedule pushed back and revised two weeks after the opening games (Week 1)

Pinoy Cantabrians Sports Club Inc. (PCSCI)


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