Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Believe We Can Rebuild" by Christchurch musicians (Christchurch Earthquake Tribute)

This song is beautiful and can bring tears in your eyes.. especially for Christchurch residents who endures six months of earthquakes and aftershocks.

From Clayton Hiku:

 This song was inspired by the devastation caused in CHCH after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake on Feb22nd 2011 that brought the city to its knees.

My name is Clayton Hiku and while my wife (Lucy -Lead Vocals ) and I had taken off to templeton seeking refuge from the damage to our side of the city in avonside/linwood area I was inspired to write this song. We have a home studio setup that we record our own music in regualrly. But our house is located on the edge of the CBD cordon and near the avon river.

Once we got power and water back on we went back to our neighbourhood and started to put our house and studio back together. Our house survived the earthquake very well. We are very lucky.

I teach music at schools and with all the schools shut in CHCH I headed out daily with other teachers to help people to shovel the liquefaction off their properties. Then with the help of 9 other CHCH musicians I started recording this song in the evenings and put the music to the photos of our neighborhood. Linwood Village.

CHCH Musician and Photographer Duke Mule supplied the photos from Lyttleton.

This band had collectively experienced many levels of damage and loss through the quake. Some lost their homes, some lost their business, some were in town when it hit, some had their guitars float out of their house in flooding and some worst of all lost mates. But all were eagerly keen to help with this project. They believed in the message of the song and we all hope that this message reaches you and inspires you to do whatever you can to help the people of CHCH. Please read the message at the end and send a donation to Red Cross or the CHCH relief fund.

Band Members
  • Clayton Hiku
  • Lucy Hiku
  • Arona Vaele
  • Ros Langton
  • Kate Taylor
  • Nicky Hiku
  • Michal Bush
  • Matthew Allcutt
  • Nanako Sato
  • Matthew Bush
  • Reuben Hiku

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