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Laxius Power Trilogy Game

If you love old school-type games then I recommend Laxius Power trilogy. It is a role-playing game (RPG) about an adventurer and his companions seeking fame and fortune. Along the way, meet several characters from friendly travelers to damsels in distress, from petty thieves to evil creatures. Don’t mind the graphic or the quality what matters is the game itself and the story that goes along with it.

The game requires patience and understanding. If you can try, read some spoilers in case you miss out some special items, rare weapons, or even a character that might help you later on or become one of your companions and help you in your journey.

Laxius Power is a three-part game and the storyline is sort of fantasy adventure genre. Each playable character, just like in other games, must earn some fighting experiences before advancing to the next level. You must ensure that your playable characters reach the maximum level of their skills before advancing to the next game. Laxius Power I is the beginning of their journey and Laxius Power II is the main characters separation in pursue to advance and train individually. Laxius Power III is much bigger and the hardest part simply because it’s the conclusion.


Now, in order for you to be acquainted with the game, you must try to check out the Laxius Game Forum and there other similar types of games that you might like to try as well.

You don’t have to join the discussion but if you feel like it or if you need help… Go for it… You only need to read the posts and the comments to find a lot of helpful tips and guides that will help you through.

Laxius Power I
Download Link (by ShadowBlade): Laxius Power I (alternative link)

- Do not select the “Easy Mode” because you won’t be able to finish the entire game. I made that mistake the first time I tried the game and its kinda discouraging after I found out that I’m suppose to select the normal or hard mode to finish this game.
- The link here provided includes the LP1 installation file and two add-on files

How to add the add-on files (by Inelukee):

1) Make a new folder within your LP1 folder or some other place you'd like. Name it Add-ons.
2) Then make 2 more inside. 1 for the xmas_addon, and one for Battle_in_Lazandra.
3) Extract the xmas_addon to the folder you just made for it.
4) Install Battle_in_Lazandra into its folder.
5) Copy all files from the xmas_addon folder into the main game directory. - Yes, you want to overwrite.
6) Next, copy these 3 files from Battle_in_Lazandra into the main game directory.
-- Map0021.ont - Map0447.ont - RPG_RT.set - yes, you want to overwrite.
7) Enjoy

That's right. Do NOT install the RPG_RT.lxb file from the library add-on. It causes a bug with the Chaos room. The .lxb file from the Orb add-on is compatible with the Library.

Besides the obvious, these patches also change the permissions on weapons.
Most notably, Random can wield several Rapiers that were formerly only for Sarah and Wendala.

Here's a list of the maps modified in both add-ons:

Map0021 ---Yveen's Pendant room
Map0196 ---Sage's Tower first floor
Map0201 ---Sage's Room
Map0258 ---Yveen's Temple in Rillia
Map0289 ---Leanda's Room in fairy town
Map0305 ---Yveen's Temple in Upper West
Map0339 ---Adventurers counter
Map0378 ---Sage's Tower entry
Map0447 ---Top floor of Lazandra's Library
Map0455 ---Sage's Tower chaos floor
Map0458 ---Sage's Tower lab

Laxius Power II

Download Link (by ShadowBlade): Laxius Power II (alternative link)

- The following instructions are for the people who have problems with the introduction sequence loading too slowly. Otherwise, continue with the game.

1) Follow this link
2) Click on "Download" to download the fix (Map0649.lmu)
3) Once you've downloaded Map0649.lmu, put it in your Laxius Power II folder (overwrite the existing file).
4) Start the game! The intro will look slightly less pretty, but it should load much faster.

Laxius Power III

Download Link (by ShadowBlade): Laxius Power III (alternative link 1) (alternative link 2)

- Just like LP1, the link provided also includes the patches/add-ons,

How to patch:
(from Patojonas and Inelukee)
If you already started your game DO NOT overwrite the existing Map0103.lmu map from Sedoi's patch or you'll miss the items you are supposed to get.

I believe this happens because it checks your LP2 score, and if you had an high enough one it won't give you the items because you already got them when importing. If you decide to overwrite it and your score in LP2 wasn't that great or you didn't got the items there, make a copy of your save file BEFORE taking the 8 kids back to check if you get the 3 items or not. If you didn't, just replace the file you have by the one in Sedoi's patch.

There shouldn't be problems with people that start a new game will both patches already applied, but take care about this one issue, the right thing should be making a backup before restoring the kids.

#1 Problem detected: Do not install Map0455.lmu after entering the HQ, it is useless and will mess up the evolution of the HQ itself. Also, if you aren't importing there is no need to install this map either unless you don't get the teleport link to the entrance.


One more thing, ALWAYS MAKE A COPY of your game files before you proceed in installing the add-ons or patches. In case, the game crash as a result of improper installation.

Anyway, enjoy the game and always check out the forum for guides and instructions.

The Laxius Saga Chronology:
  • 3 Stars of Destiny (aka Laxius Power 0): 2009*
  • Laxius Power I: 2001
  • Laxius Power II: 2004
  • Laxius Power III: 2005
  • Laxius Force (aka Laxius Power IV): 2008*
  • Laxius Force II (aka Laxius Power V): 2009*
  • Laxius Force III (aka Laxius Power VI): 2010*
[*] Commercial games..

This is the very game that made me into an RPG-mad gamer. If I haven't been through the Laxius Power trilogy, I will probably had a hard time playing Fable and the Elder Scrolls.


- You can now download the whole Laxius Power Trilogy in One Single Archives
- Found this new game that is quite similar to Laxius Power but it's a little bit smutty (R18) for some people. It's called "Ouroboros" and you can download the game at Last Sovereign.

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