Saturday, May 14, 2011

Oppose the RH Bill...

The most debated and talked about issue in the Philippines right now, other than the lack of the direction of the person sitting in Malacanang, is the Reproductive Health Bill (RH Bill). It’s a anti-celibacy bill advocated by bunch of horndogs, whores, sluts, prostitutes, perverts, and adulterers.

This debate is not “people vs. the Church” that the media or the advocators trying to portray. It’s Filipinos vs. Filipinos.

Anyway, RH Bill violates individual and natural rights of Filipino women because it forces them to follow the bill even if they don’t agree about its content. 


Abortion is the most debated term in the said bill. Though, the bill did emphasize that abortion is illegal but it paves the way for a future legal abortion law. You know why?

RH Bill is an anti-celibacy bill. A baby-killing bill disguise as “women’s right to control her body”, “freedom of choice”, “family planning”, blah blah blah blah or should we say, a woman’s right to have sex with strangers who she doesn’t want to have baby with. And of course, without a legal abortion law then what’s the use for the RH Bill if the fruit of their desires cannot be eliminated. Just as I pointed at out, at the beginning, RH Bill is advocated by a bunch of horndogs, whores, sluts, prostitutes, perverts, and adulterers, and it will pave a way for those baby killers to  advocate for a legal abortion law in the future. 

Population Management

RH Bill also serves as a population control bill because some people believe in overpopulation. Retards who failed to see how empty and underdeveloped the provinces are. That’s not overpopulation but rather underdeveloped. Overpopulation only exist in urbanize areas particularly, metropolitan cities and creating coercive law will not solve such problem. Governmental Population Management is a violation of individual rights. We can’t have a government that will manage or control the country’s population with so much power and responsibility they are capable of disguising poisons as vaccines or food. Sounds ridiculous but with greedy elites refusing to share their access and control of our natural resources, its possible.


The government’s purpose is to protect individual rights not to force the people collective rights. Rights does not come from government, the people elect and form their governments to protect and preserve their individual and natural rights NOT to create a law that forces them to be.

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