Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 South Island Filipino Sports Festival

During the Queen’s Birthday (New Zealand) this year, I competed for the second time in the South Island Filipino Sports Festival and this time in Edgar Centre, Dunedin.

I played for a Christchurch All-Filipino Cup (CAFC) merger team of the 69ers Basketball Team, the Christchurch City Thunders, a free agent, and me (the sole representative of the Christchurch Aftershocks). The team will carry the name "69ers" since it’s the most organized of the merger team and the franchise provided the uniform.

The lacked of team practice and of combinations leads to the team’s demise. I thought the original 69ers team that finished third in the 2011 Christchurch All-Filipino Cup Basketball League (CAFC) has a better chance to play competitive basketball in the South Island tourney than the merger team. Anyway, some players refused to jell with other players (doesn't want to pass the ball with players they haven't played with before), selfish desires to carry the team by themselves, and NBA wannabeism. I felt sorry for the players that I thought could have done much more but they were not given a chance.

The two-day basketball tournament was well organized and one of the best I'd seen. However, the format was not that good. The drawing of the teams was fair but kinda stupid. All Christchurch teams ended up on the same bracket. We did not drive five hours from Christchurch to Dunedin only to play the same teams we played all year long. That’s just wrong. Another thing is the stupid "running time" in the grand final match between Kiwifino and Invercargill (Southland). It’s killing the game.

Anyway, the most exciting games were between the CAFC teams (Kiwifino vs. Etomaks) while others were kinda boring but some teams were playing no fancy, no NBA wannabeism but simple and very effective basketball.

P.S. I wore number "32" during the games as my tribute to the recently retired basketball legend, the great Shaqasaurus (Shaquille O'Neal).

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