Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs. NBA Selection?

Found out earlier this week that Smart Gilas Pilipinas NT (recently crowned 2011 SEABA champions) might play a couple of games against an NBA selection. The national team’s plan to play series of games and tournaments in Portugal, Serbia and Turkey was cancelled due to injuries and unavailability of PBA reinforcements.

I believe that the players will learn more from the European tour but it’s useless if they can only bring nine or ten players. In addition, we don’t get to see NBA selections (of active players) turning in Manila everyday. Well, not since the Shaquille O‘Neal-led selections in 1997 (remember lil‘ Johnny Abarrientos carried by Shaq to the hoop?). I don’t count the NBA legends (Rodman-led in 2006, Wilkins-led in 2009, Webber-led 2010) that turn up in the country simply because its just not the same and its just not right watching our active PBA players getting owned by retired NBA players (in fact, our best player in those exhibition games was retired PBA legend Allan Caidic while his active counterparts useless as ever).

Anyway, its gonna be a one-sided event but at least the fans get to see active NBA players in action live not just turning up in Manila and just promote Nike or whatever. According to our sources’ sources, the likes of reigning MVP Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls), Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunders), Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers), Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves), Mario Chalmers (Miami Heat), and Andrei Igoudala (Philadelphia 76ers) will be among those that will play for the NBA selection.

I got a feeling that this is part of the deal in exchange for Manny Pangilinan in acquiring or being one of the shareholders of the struggling Sacramento Kings. Of course, just like the Pangilinan-Sacramento Kings link, this NBA selection turning up in Manila could be just another rumor made by our “copy-and-paste” Filipino sports journalists. Who knows...? Fingers-crossed.

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