Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Spratly Islands and the Philippines

For the last three weeks or so, the main issue in the Philippines was the Chinese intrusion of the Spratly Islands in West Philippine Sea (internationally known as South China Sea). The incident was kinda similar to what happened in the mid-1990s during the Ramos administration. The difference of course was that we have Homer Simpson (Noynoy Aquino) now sitting in Malacanang Palace asking the world’s largest military for an arms race. I always thought the idiots use Spratly to sideline or distract everyone from the real issues such as the RH Bill bullshits and divorce (probably need time to back up their shenanigans).

The under-performing President thought that it’s a good idea to start an arms race that we cannot even afford. What the hell was he thinking? Challenging a country that can boost the largest military in the world? Does he really think his Yellow Army will work this time around? Or People Power bull-crap will persuade the opposition to back off? If the government cannot even provide a little bit more food in the poor Filipinos’ stomachs, a little more cloth in the poor Filipinos’ backs and a little more roof over the poor Filipinos’ head (Magsaysay) what makes him think the government can afford/provide functioning weapons to every combat-able Filipinos in the country. Do not even think about Katipunan bolos because those things failed against European muskets during the revolution and the American invasion and certainly will not work now against nuclear missiles. If our military cannot even beat disorganized troops of the New People’s Army (NPA) and Abu Sayaff what makes him think that our troops have a chance against a much more organized Chinese military.

We have racist ignorants flooding social media asking for wars because they think the United States will honour the 1951 Mutual Defence Treaty. Well guess what? The United States will help defend the Philippines’ interests in Spratly all right but it will cost us something. They will obviously ask for the re-opening of their military bases (Subic Naval Base, Clark Airbase, etc.) in the country and build a new one somewhere close Spratly Islands (possibly, Palawan). Then they will ask for parity rights for American companies to explore Spratly Islands under Philippine flag but the profits and whatever they find in there will go straight back to the United States. It’s like 1946 all over again; they grant us independence in exchange for their parity rights to fuck our natural resources. Asking their assistance will only give us the right to call the islands our own (that “if” they can beat China) but we won’t get any benefit from it. Multinational Corporations will get the profits back to the United States and if we do get our shares it will ended up in the pockets of corrupt Filipino politicians. It’s basically like doing nothing and letting China do their thing in Spratly Islands and the only difference is that we let the United States do what China is trying to do.

I’m not trying to say that we should give up Spratly Islands. Thats just stupid. No way! I’m willing to fight and die for my country if it face full-scale invasion but I am not going to sacrifice myself for the sake of the stupidity of one person who’s family fucked our country for the last 25 years. Best solution is collective condemnation by ASEAN member countries. Singapore’s asking for clarification for China’s stance in Spratly was a good step. The Philippines, on the other hand, should bring the matter to the international court. Another solution, though I will not recommend, is a mutual research and exploration of Spralty Islands by all claimants.

The Philippines just one of the pawns in a game of chess and will serve as a bait to start a war or an international crisis. Globalists are using “third world” wars to advance their interests and to weakened potential countries powerful enough to oppose the advance of globalism. They will not intervene unless China overwhelm the smaller Southeast Asian states giving them enough excuse to defeat perhaps the one country that powerful enough to halt the globalist movement.


  1. we must to give up??/!!!

  2. Nope.. we are not suppose to give up.. we're no match militarily but diplomatically we got more allies that can lobby with us in the international court... we got international treaties and UN laws that entitled us the islands..

    1. I agree with you. It is our right to defend and fight our own island that China is claiming. We have lot of evidence and proof that Spratly islands must belong to the Philippines.

  3. We are not engaging in an arms race with China.
    There are plenty of online resources describing the pitiful state of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. What we are adopting is a minimum defense posture that will keep intruders off our waters and airspace and effectively fight crush lawless elements such as the NPAs and Abu Sayyaf. The NPA and other terrorist groups are thriving because of the AFP's limited capabilities and incompetence and even support of politicians and officials.
    The Philippines is losing billions from poaching and smuggling annually, money that can go to financing social services. We also have need for better aircraft and ships for search and rescue missions. Terrorists and other criminals also freely sail in our waters because of our weak Navy and Coast Guard.
    Hundreds of Filipinos die in each year from calamities because rescue aircraft and ships could not get to them on time and could not find them because they have limited capabilities.
    Even without Chinese aggression, the Philippines has valid reasons for upgrading its armed forces' capabilities.
    Your profile says you're in New Zealand,thousands of miles away from Ground Zero.


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