Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Adventures of Janella Lelis and Christopher Lao

The title is not about a book (book review) but rather about two typhoon-related characters that sort of grabbed headlines in the Philippines. Their stories were this year's versions to that of Muelmar Magallanes and the soldiers who died rescuing flood victims during the assault of Super Typhoon Ondoy in 2009.

Janella Lelis is a 12-years old girl who braved rain and flood carrying the Philippine flag, a picturesque site perfect for painting and movies. What she did drew some admiration from Filipinos around the world and the photo symbolizes so many things about the Philippines.
Are you still blinded by the yellow ribbon of President Wangwang Tamad? or are you with that little girl and her Three Stars and a Sun? (photo courtesy of Cesar Apolinario)
A friend of mine told me in a facebook discussion that the photo symbolize the Philippines sinking in corruption and only few that really cares about their country ("Bansa lubog sa korupsyon at iilan lang nagmamalasakit. Yan ang ibig sabihin ng picture na yan. Ang Ganda!"). I thought the photo reminds me of Dr. Jose Rizal's "To The Filipino Youth" poem where he's talking about the youths being the future of the fatherland and Janella's action personified what Rizal's poem about. Unfortunately, majority of Filipino youths today prefer the overrated Philippine show business and western wannabeism. Even in sports, Filipinos tend to support the brand or the looks of the players not Flag and Country.

Another character that grabbed headlines this week was Christopher Lao. His action was comical and stupid. Thinking his car will drove through the flood without problems. His car floated right in front of a nearby news reporter and his unfortunate story went viral in the internet. His reaction (after he and his car was rescued) was to blame the authorities for not "informing HIM". His reaction was what really drew criticism towards his stupidity. I thought he was one of those people blinded by President Wangwang Tamad's "Tuwid na daan...” bullshits!

Anyway, many people who threw insults at Christopher Lao are very much like him. Heck even worse. Many of those idiots too thought that it’s a good idea to elect someone into office because he did nothing for nine years in the two-chambered Philippine Congress and when President Wangwang (Noynoy) was in the office they start pointing fingers for not informing them for their stupidity. Tsk tsk tsk Onli en da Pilipins!

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