Thursday, August 11, 2011

Save Philippine Dragon Boat Team!

Paddlers Unite!
Earlier this week, the Philippine Dragon Boat Team made history by winning 5 gold medals and 2 silvers in the 2011 International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) World Championship. It’s the third World Championship in a row since 2007 that the Dragon Boat Team won at least one gold medal. The recently concluded World Championship was their most successful campaign ever despite the lack of support from an ineffective Philippine government and corrupt sports bureaucrats in the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) and the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC).

The Philippine Dragon Boat Team is perhaps the most successful national team the Philippines ever had. Heck, if dragon boat paddling is part of the Olympic Games, our first Olympic gold would be probably more achievable in dragon boat than in boxing itself.

Anyway, like many Filipino sports fans, we all wondered why the Philippine government, the PSC and the POC did not support nor recognized the Philippine Dragon Boat Team as a legitimate national team. The Philippine Orangutans of Corruption (POC) argued that they do not recognize the Philippine Dragon Boat Federation (PDBF) as a National Sports Association (NSA) because dragon boat racing should be under the umbrella of the Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCFK). But that’s just stupid! The said association will have divided attention and will not be able to focus in developing all sports under its own umbrella. Having a separate association for dragon boat will save them time and money. Besides, dragon boat has a separate international governing body (International Dragon Boat Federation). Common sense please!

The Philippine Shitheads of Corruption (PSC) have the same arguments as their orangutan cousins in POC. PSC was known for limiting financial support for national athletes and national teams during the Southeast Asian Games and the Asian Games. Government support ended up in the pockets of corrupt politicians who owed their positions through the patronage system.

Concerning the Philippine Orangutans of Corruption (POC), on the other hand, this goes back to last year’s Asian Games when the Philippine Dragon Boat Team trashed the trial times set by POC in order for the team to enter the 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games.

The POC’s Asian Games Screening Committee accused the dragon boat team of cheating after the team’s thrashing of the trial times and seeing their performance way too good for POC’s standards. The stupid committee barred the team from competing in the Asian Games as if they expect the paddlers will not bring honors to the country.

In the 2010 Asian Games, the very same event that the paddlers were barred to compete, the corrupt orangutans of POC were actually reported of giving away tournament or VIP passes (that suppose to be for the staffs and trainers of our national athletes and national teams) to their relatives and cronies. As a result, many of our athletes and teams competed in last year’s Asian Games without some of their supporting staffs and trainers because those guys were not allowed to get into the stadiums.

Anyway, back to present time, after this year’s world championships after winning a total of 8 gold medals and 3 silver medals since 2007, the Philippine Olympic Committee (POC) and the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) still refuse to recognize the most successful Philippine national team since Efren “Bata” Reyes and Francisco Bustamante combine to win the World Cup of Pool in 2006 and 2009.

The corrupt orangutans of POC even resorted to childish remarks calling the team old and should retired. One of the idiots (POC Board Director Jeff Tamayo) accused the team of using steroids as if they believe that Filipinos can only do mediocre performances in international arena. I guess that explain why the retards are so quite when the Gayweathers accused Manny Pacquiao of drugs. Then we also have Jonne Go, secretary-general of Philippine Canoe Kayak Federation (PCFK) pointing out that the paddlers are enlisted personnel who obtain exemption in taxes and terminal fees through the National Defense Department and those are forms of government support. Sounds like a load of bullshits coming out of her mouth. Guess what? Those enlisted military personnel you are talking about not only will represent you in international dragon boat. They will also defend you when wars came knocking in our doorstep. Those guys have done so much for Flag and Country as national athletes and as members of the military while you rising through bureaucracy by the way of patronage system.

POC’s childish reactions answered the question of why we still sought the elusive gold medal in the Olympic Games ["POC's statements answers our question on why the Olympic GOLD is so elusive to a country with 95 million competitive citizens." ~SAVE PHILIPPINE DRAGONBOAT]

Good news: The two-chambered Philippine Congress woke up from the slumber and took pity of our national paddlers. They are now investigating both the PSC and the POC, and hopefully, the investigation will reveal corruption in sports bureaucracy. BUT then again, the member of Congress and those bureaucrats belongs to the same social class and pretty much politicians themselves. So we can’t really expect something fruity will come out from those investigations. Still, it’s better than what President Wangwang Tamad always does -- BANDWAGONISM! (From Yellow to Azkals... Now, will bandwagon himself with our dragon boat paddlers in order to score popularity points without doing anything!). 

The PDBF Team waiting for start formation for the final 200M race against Japan, Hungary, Russia and Germany (August 05, 2011)

Philippine Dragon Boat Team’s Achievements in IDBF World Championships:
  • 2007 World Championship, 200-meters premier men (standard boat), gold medal [41.91 seconds world record time]
  • 2009 World Championship, 200-meters premier men (standard boat), gold medal [40.02 seconds word record time]
  • 2009 World Championship, 200-meters premier mixed (standard boat), gold medal [43.507 seconds world record time]
  • 2009 World Championship, 500-meters premier men (standard boat), silver medal [01:55.575]
  • 2011 World Championship, 1000-meters premier men (small boat), gold medal [04.57.13 seconds world record time]
  • 2011 World Championship, 200-meters premier mixed (small boat), gold medal [57.07 seconds world record time]
  • 2011 World Championship, 200-meters premier men (small boat), gold medal
  • 2011 World Championship, 500-meters premier mixed (small boat), gold medal
  • 2011 World Championship, 500-meters premier open (small boat), gold medal [2: 23.535]
  • 2011 World Championship, 200-meters all-comers mixed (small boat), silver medal [55.17 seconds]
  • 2011 World Championship, 200-meters all-comers open (small boat), silver medal

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