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The Philippines in the 2011 FIBA Asia Championship (Olympic Qualifier)

This month, September 2011, the Philippine national basketball team (commercially known as Smart Gilas Pilipinas) ranked 45th in the world finished fourth in the Olympic-qualifying FIBA Asia Championship. The national squad failed to qualify for next year's Olympic Games but achieved its highest finished in 24 years after reaching the semi-finals of the regional qualifier.

The current squad has been together for about three years now and look forward to emulate their NCC counterpart. Though, they did not get their objective this time but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of Philippine basketball. The NCC team did not win their first Asian Championship attempt in 1983 but won the next edition in 1985 and the Smart Gilas program can do that as well. Anyway, after years of failure (thanks to Filipino wannabe Graham Lim and his BAP), Philippine national basketball team is becoming like England’s national football team whose fans expect the team to fail all the time and a win by the team is not good enough.  Some Filipinos today would rather watch the ever-boring unpatriotic Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) where the door to represent the country is shut while ticket sales are the number one priority of the greedy corporate owners. We also have the "crab mentality" of unpatriotic idiots who hasn't done anything for their country and has pure hatred to their own national teams.

Here are the national team squad for the 2011 Asian Championship:
  • Mac Baracael
  • Mark Barroca
  • JV Casio
  • Marcus Douthit
  • Marcio Lassiter
  • Christopher Lutz
  • Chris Tiu
  • Japeth Aguilar (Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters)
  • Pauliasi Taulava (Meralco Bolts)
  • Kelly Williams (Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters)
  • Jimmy Alapag (Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters)
  • Ranidel De Ocampo (Talk N’ Text Tropang Texters)

Coach: Rajko Toroman (Serbia)

2011 FIBA Asia Championship
Host City: Wuhan, China

Preliminary Rounds

Group D - Philippines, U.A.E, Bahrain, China

Group D matches:
  • Philippines 92 vs. 52 United Arabs Emirates (September 15) W [highlights]
  • Philippines 60 vs. 75 China (September 16) L [highlights]
  • Bahrain 71 vs. 113 Philippines (September 17) W [highlights]

Second Rounds

Group F - China, Japan, Philippines, Jordan, Syria, United Arabs Emirates

Group F matches:
  • Jordan 64 vs. 72 Philippines (September 19) W [highlights]
  • Philippines 83 vs. 76 Japan (September 20) W [highlights]
  • Syria 52 vs. 75 Philippines (September 21) W [highlights]

Quarter-Finals: Philippines 95 vs. 78 Taiwan/Chinese Taipei (September 23) W [highlights]
Semi-Finals: Philippines 61 vs. 75 Jordan (September 24) L [highlights]
Bronze Medal Game: Philippines 68 vs. 70 South Korea (September 25) L [highlights]

Philippines Win-Loss Record: 6-2

Philippine Basketball Record in the Asian Championship:

1960: 1st place (gold)
1963: 1st place (gold)
1965: 2nd place (silver)
1967: 1st place (gold)
1969: 3rd place (bronze)
1971: 2nd place (silver)
1973: 1st place (gold)
1975: 5th place
1977: 5th place
1979: 4th place
1981: 4th place
1983: 9th place
1985: 1st place (gold)
1987: 4th place
1989: 8th place
1991: 7th place
1993: 11th place
1995: 12th place
1997: 9th place
1999: 11th place
2001: suspended
2003: 15th place
2005: suspended
2007: 9th place
2009: 8th place
2011:4th place

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