Monday, July 8, 2013

"Big Game, Small World: A Basketball Adventure" (Book Review)

Book Title: Big Game, Small World: A Basketball Adventure
Author: Alexander Wolff
Published: November 28th 2003 (first published 2002)

The first time I read this book was almost ten years ago. I was in a middle of my school research at a local library when I got bored and I thought I should entertain myself with an unrelated subject... while browsing the sports section, I ran into this book and I wasn't really planning to read something... when I checked the table of contents the first thing that caught my attention was the chapter concerning basketball in my home country (Philippines).

The chapter talks about the author's experience in the Philippines. Observing local basketball from the courts of the country's professional league to the streets of Manila, the author talked about mimicry in Philippine basketball, how Filipinos watched the NBA the night before and then emulate their idols the next day. The book also featured an interview of the living legend of Philippine basketball, Robert Jaworski who shared an incident early on his career when he bashed a referee that lead to his suspension. Another chapter that caught my interest was chapter concerning the break up of the decorated Yugoslav team in the late 1980s-1990 and the aftermath.

Unlike other basketball books who are more into trivias, this book is about basketball experience in the greatest basketball hot spots in the world.
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