Sunday, July 14, 2013

"Justin Marshall" (Book Review)

Book Title: Justin Marshall
Authors: Justin Marshall and Angus Gillies
Published: July 14, 2005

It’s an (auto)biography of one of the most outspoken sport personalities in New Zealand. The former All Black scrum half and the other half of one of New Zealand and Canterbury's most successful inside back pairings of all time (other half was first five Andrew Mehrtens), talks about his early years from the deep south of New Zealand and his young promising career that almost did not take off thanks to incidents that made Zac Guildford's recent troubles a walk in the park to his professional career in Canterbury, Crusaders, and All Black rugby.

When this book was written, he was one of the few remaining players that played in the amateur days of international rugby. The bus incident on his first All Black tour when he and his fellow rookies attempt to wrestled the back seats of the bus from the most senior players was a glimpse of the brutal amateur days. When Graham Henry mentioned in his book Graham Henry - Final Word about Marshall's role as the undisputed leader of the All Blacks on-and-off the field and the binge drinking that took place in South Africa (2004) it pretty much reminds me of that bus incident.

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