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The Philippines in the Olympic Games (basketball)

This post is one of the continuations of the blog post: Philippine National Team Records in Official Tournaments.

The Philippines was one of the first nations to compete in the first ever Olympic basketball tournament at the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games and the national team went on to represent the country six more times in the postwar era.

In 1936, the Philippine squad, coached by former Philippine national football team head coach Dionisio Calvo and captain by future Senator Ambrosio Padilla (both were the founding fathers of the Asian Basketball Confederation, now known as FIBA Asia), traveled and endured three weeks onboard in a ship to Paris, France and another week on a train to Berlin, Germany. The Islanders, as they were known back then, finished fifth in the table and failed to capture a medal despite dropping only one of its assignments to the United States. Anyway, the fifth place finished was the best finished ever by an Asian team in the Olympic basketball history.

Due to the Second World War, the Olympic Games did not take place until 1948 at London, England. Here the Philippine national team was once again coached by the future FIBA Hall of Famer Dionisio Calvo and finished 12th in the competition. This national team made history by becoming the first basketball team ever to score 100 points or more in a single game of Olympic basketball after beating Iraq, 102-30 in the opening rounds.

In 1952, the Philippines with a 3-2 win-loss record tied for 9th to 16th place with eight other participating nations who failed to get into the top eight. In 1956, the Philippines with a 4-4 record finished 7th, it’s second best finished ever in the quadrennial tournament. In 1960, the national squad, missing the presence of the injured Carlos Loyzaga, finished 11th in the competition. In 1968 and 1972, the national team finished 13th in both Olympic Games its worst finished ever in Olympic history.

Here are the official record of the Philippine National Basketball Team in the Olympic Games.

Appearances: 7 (1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1960, 1968, 1972)
Medals: -none-
Best Finished: 5th Place (1936), 7th (1956)
Win-Loss Record: 60 games (27 wins, 33 losses)

Philippines Islanders in the 1936 Olympic Games
1936: 5th place [vs. Mexico, 32-30; vs. Estonia, 39-22; vs. United States, 23-56; vs. Italy, 32-14; vs. Uruguay, 33-23]**

1948: 12th place [vs. Iraq, 102-30; vs. South Korea, 35-33; vs. Chile, 39-68; vs. China, 51-32; vs. Belgium, 34-35; vs. Argentina, 45-43; vs. Peru, 29-40; vs. Belgium, 34-38]

1952: 9-16th [vs. Israel, 57-47*; vs. Hungary, 48-35*; vs. Argentina, 59-85; vs. Brazil, 52-71; vs. Canada, 81-65]

1956: 7th place [vs. Thailand, 55-44; vs. Japan, 76-61; vs. United States, 53-121; vs. Uruguay, 70-79; vs. France, 65-58; vs. Chile, 69-88; vs. Bulgaria, 72-80; vs. Chile, 75-68]

1960: 11th place [vs. Poland, 68-86; vs. Spain, 84-82; vs. Uruguay, 76-80; vs. Puerto Rico, 82-80; vs. Hungary, 70-81; vs. France, 75-122; vs. Mexico, 65-64]

1964: Did Not Qualify** [vs. Mexico, 85-90*; vs. Malaysia, 85-55*; vs. Taiwan, 95-71*; vs. Indonesia, 86-98*; vs. Cuba, 69-84*; vs. Australia, 69-71*; vs. Thailand, 98-71*; vs. Canada, 64-68*; vs. South Korea, 58-90*]

1968: 13th place [vs. Italy, 66-91; vs. Spain, 79-108; vs. United States, 75-96; vs. Panama, 92-95; vs. Puerto Rico, 65-89; vs. Senegal, 80-68; vs. Yugoslavia, 68-89; vs. Morocco, 86-57; vs. South Korea, 66-63]

1972: 13th place [vs. Poland, 75-90; vs. Puerto Rico, 72-92; vs. West Germany, 74-93; vs. Yugoslavia, 76-117; vs. Senegal, 68-62; vs. Soviet Union, 80-111; vs. Italy, 81-101; vs. Egypt, 2-0; vs. Japan, 82-73]

1976-2008: Did Not Qualify

[*] Games played at FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournaments
[**] The Philippines and the United States were given a bye in the first round and directly qualified to the second round of the competition. Anyway, due to a stupid ruling despite only losing to the eventual champion, United States, the Philippines missed out in winning a medal.
[***] Despite being the reigning Asian Champions, due to its suspension from FIBA, the Philippines was relegated to the 1964 FIBA Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

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