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The Philippines in the R. William Jones Cup

This post is one of the continuations of the blog post: Philippine National Team Records in Official Tournaments.

The R. William Jones Cup is another tournament where the Philippines had a success and a history. This invitational tournament was named after one of FIBA’s founding fathers, Renato William Jones and was founded two years prior to the death of the said basketball patriarch.

The Philippines captured seven medals in the tournament including four gold medals.

In 1981, the original NCC squad, featuring 1979 NBA draftee Ricardo Brown, captured the Philippines’ first ever Jones Cup title. In 1985, the second generation of the NCC squad (featured Allan Caidic, Samboy Lim, Hector Calma as well as Arthur Engelland, Jeff Moore and Dennis Still) captured the country’s second title. In 1998, the Philippine Centennial Team won the country’s third William Jones Cup title with Caidic as the only Filipino player to win two Jones Cup title.

San Miguel Philippines celebrate the 1985 William Jones Cup triumph [Allan Caidic (#8), Arthur Engelland (#10)]

In 1999, the Philippines failed to defend its title and withdrew from the tournament after a brawl erupted in the game against the host nation Taiwan.

In 2005 and 2007, the Chot Reyes-coached national teams captured the bronze medal and emulated by Rajko Toroman’s Smart Gilas Pilipinas in 2011. In 2008, the host nation refused the Philippine entry (Harbour Centre) for that year’s tournament preferring an all-pro PBA-backed national team but the Philippines decided not to send a team instead.

In 2012, Chot Reyes’ Gilas Pilipinas won the country’s fourth William Jones Cup title with LA Tenorio named as tournament’s MVP. Chot Reyes also became the winningest Filipino in William Jones Cup tourney with two titles (he was Tim Cone’s assistant in 1998) and three bronze medal finished. In 2013, the Philippines once again was not able to defend its title for the second time due to a political and diplomatic crisis between Taiwan and the Philippines.

Here are the official record of the Philippine National Basketball Team in one of Asia's most prestigious tournaments, the Renato Williams Jone Cup (Jones Cup for short).

Appearances: Incomplete Data
Medals: 7 medals (4 gold medals, 3 bronze medal)
Best Finished: Gold (1981, 1985, 1998, 2012), Bronze (2005, 2007, 2011)
Win-Loss Record: Incomplete Data (missing results)

Ricardo Brown in 1981 Jones Cup
1977: 5th place
1978: 8th place
1979-1980: Philippines represented by Filipino clubs

1981: 1st place (gold) [vs. France, 60-49; vs. New Zealand, 73-55; vs. University of Canada (Canada), 91-58; vs. Taiwan, 74-44; vs. US Midwest (USA), 86-85; vs. Ekman (Sweden), 73-68]

1982-1984: Philippines represented by Filipino clubs

1985: 1st place (gold) [vs. Steiner Optik (West Germany), 82-61; vs. Canada, 69-58; vs. Italy, 96-75; vs. South Korea, 108-86; vs. Sweden, 70-59; vs. Taiwan, 80-66; vs. Uruguay, 64-57; vs. United States, 108-100]

1986: Philippines record unknown
1987: 8th place [vs. Malaysia, 84-86; vs. United States, 62-80]
1988-1997: Philippines record unknown

1998: 1st place (gold) [vs. Saudi Arabia, 78-60; vs. Japan, 90-87; vs. Thailand, 84-34; vs. Costa Rica, 83-72; vs. South Korea U-22, 96-77; vs. Chinese Taipei, 82-72]

1998 Philippine Centennial Team

1999: 8th place [vs. Costa Rica, 58-70; vs. Bahrain, 91-74; vs. Chinese Taipei, 42-66*] - Iloilo Megavoltz (MBA)

2000: 4th place [vs. Chinese Taipei, 85-102; vs. Hong Kong, 87-52; vs. Malaysia, 83-58; vs. Japan, 93-82; vs. New Zealand, 37-67; vs. Chinese Taipei, 73-83] - Laguna Lakers (MBA)

2001: 4th place [vs. Victoria University (Canada), 82-72; vs. Chinese Taipei, 79-84; vs. Mongolia, 97-70; vs. South Africa, 95-67; vs. South Korea, 88-97; vs. Honduras, 90-85; vs. Lokomotive Novosybirsk (Russia), 71-81]

2002: 5th place [vs. Lokomotive Novosybirsk (Russia), 78-68; vs. University of Alberta (Canada), 83-84; vs. Chinese Taipei, 70-79; vs. South Korea (military), 97-92; vs. Australian Great Mates, 91-96; vs. Sina Lions (China), 80-75; vs. Japan, 63-65] - MBA All-Stars

2003: -not held due to SARS crisis-

2004: 8th place [vs. Taiwan White, 83-114; vs. Japan U24, 68-84; vs. Germany (International Basketball Academy), 101-50; vs. Taiwan Blue, 68-88; vs. Perth Wildcats (Australia), 79-119; vs. South Korea (University All-Stars), 65-83; vs. Carleton University (Canada), 70-85; vs. Qatar, 70-80] - Cebuana Lhuillier (NBL)

2005: 3rd place (bronze) [vs. Qatar, 82-71; vs. Kazakhstan, 82-74; vs. South Korea, 79-75; vs. India, 107-69; vs. Australian Institute of Sports (AIS), 76-80; vs. Japan, 76-72; vs. Samara CSK (Russia), 91-78; vs. Chinese Taipei, 76-82; vs. Passing Lane (USA), 96-99]

2006: 6th place [vs. Qatar, 63-68; vs. Chinese Taipei, 72-77; vs. South Korea (University All-Stars), 88-96; vs. Australia U19, 76-67; vs. Kazakhstan, 86-91; vs. Athletes in Action (USA), 68-91; vs. Japan U24, 112-86; vs. Australia U19, 69-67; vs. Kazakhstan, 86-98]

2007: 3rd place (bronze) [vs. Athletes in Action (USA), 72-67; vs. Lebanon, 62-65; vs. Japan University Team, 84-86; vs. South Korea, 88-84; vs. Jordan, 70-74; vs. Iran, 89-79; vs. Chinese Taipei, 82-64; vs. Qatar, 88-80; vs. Kazakhstan, 90-107]

2008: Did Not Participate***

2009: 6th place [vs. Jordan, 59-90; vs. Chinese Taipei, 77-86; vs. Kazakhstan, 85-67; vs. Japan, 85-87; vs. Lebanon, 83-95; vs. South Korea, 80-83; vs. Chinese Taipei B, 94-90; vs. Iran, 60-85]

2010: 4th place [vs. Chinese Taipei B (University All-Stars), 83-52; vs. Iran, 68-81; vs. Australian Crocs, 90-64; vs. Chinese Taipei, 96-93; vs. Japan, 74-84; vs. Lebanon, 62-73]

2011: 3rd place [vs. Iran, 73-59; vs. Chinese Taipei, 90-78; vs. Jordan, 72-76; vs. Malaysia, 86-68; vs. South Korea, 70-78; vs. United Arab Emirates, 95-60; vs. Japan, 94-78; vs. Iran, 59-78; vs. Chinese Taipei, 82-72]

2012: 1st place (gold) [vs. Jordan, 98-88; vs. Taiwan B, 99-68; vs. KGC (South Korea), 82-79; vs. Japan, 88-84; vs. Lebanon, 71-91; vs. Iran, 77-75; vs. Taiwan, 76-72; vs. UPG (USA), 76-75]

2013: Did Not Participate****

[*] Games versus non-national teams (selections, professional clubs, national age-groups and academies)
[**] The Philippines withdrew from the tournament after three games due to the court brawl between the Philippines and Taiwan. The early withdrawal means the defending champion finished last in 1999.
[***] The organizers refused to accept the Harbour Centre-sponsored Philippine national team as the Philippine representative for the 2008 William Jones Cup. The organizers thought that having a PBA-sponsored national team will generate more money as it will attract more Filipino crowds in Taiwan. In response, the Philippines decided not to send a delegation for the 2008 tourney.
[****] The invitation for the Philippines to defend its title was withdrawn by the host Taiwan due to the on-going political and diplomatic tensions between the two basketball rivals
[-] The Philippines was represented by PBA-sponsored national teams in 1998, 2005-2007, 2009 and 2012, by MBA-sponsored national team in 2002, and by MBA clubs in 1999-2001.


For more... check out Philippine National Team Records in Official Tournaments.


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Football Memories: 2003 Hornby High School Soccer

If there was one sport that I truly excelled at while in high school it was "soccer" or to be more specific "football" since football is the proper name and we should stop Americanizing every term just because it’s popular or it was "American.” Back in high school most of my teammates keep using the term "soccer" even though we're playing the sport in a British Commonwealth so I guess it doesn't matter.

Back in my high school days, football was my passion and like I said, the one sport that I truly excelled at. I do wish it was basketball but the school's sports coordinator that time was a prick and prefers to focus in developing volleyball instead of giving all aspiring athletes a chance to play the sports they love. Even though we trashed our opponent at the opening games of the basketball season, the basketball program was put into the back-burner and we couldn't do anything about it. I got no choice but to start kicking the ball instead of dribbling it.

Anyway, my high school football team was like the United Nations with players from different countries around the world. I guess that’s why football is the most popular sports in the world. We finished third in the division table and won a close semifinals match before losing in the second division finals.

2003 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

2003 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

Tournament: Canterbury School Sport Senior Grade Football Tournament
Division: Second Division
Date: May 7, 2003-August 13, 2003
Points Table Position: Third Place
Overall Finished: Finalists (silver)

Head Coach: Lael Schwartfeger (Community Development Network Trust)
Team Captain: Tawanda Chaza

Players (alphabetical order by surnames):
  • Dawud Antonio (Brazil)
  • Alan Beloe (New Zealand)
  • Chong Cao (China)
  • Tawanda Chaza (Zimbabwe)
  • Eduardo Frigerio (Brazil)
  • Mosese Gauna (Fiji)
  • Tony Huang (Taiwan)
  • Yuki Kayashita (Japan)
  • Patrick King (New Zealand)
  • James Jung Seok Lee (South Korea)
  • Ryan Lee (South Korea)
  • Neng Liu (China)
  • Lauri Luige (Estonia)
  • Wilfred McKerras (New Zealand)
  • Rafael Martins (Brazil)
  • James Mellor (New Zealand)
  • Xiao Ming Shi (China)
  • Adam Parker (New Zealand)
  • Donmar Dell Pineda (Philippines)
  • Dong Soo Seo (South Korea)
  • Dong Woo Seo (South Korea)
  • Kyle Smith (New Zealand)
  • Hemi Wallace (New Zealand)
  • Chris Winiata (New Zealand)
  • Hai Yang Yuan (China)
  • Hao Zhao (China)


Number of Games: 11 (Home Games: 6 Away Games: 5)
Number of Players: 26
Number of Wins: 7
Number of Losses: 4
Number of Draw: Nil
Number of Goals Scored: 36
Scoring Average: 3.2

Biggest winning margin: 4 points (in the 7-3 win against Ellesmere College on the 21st of May at Hagley Park Soccer Grounds)
Biggest losing margin: 8 points (in the 2-10 loss to Cashmere on the 14th of May at Hornby Soccer Ground)
Most important win: The semi-final win (3-2) over Hagley on the 6th of August at Hornby Soccer Ground
Most important loss: The grand final loss (2-4) to St. Thomas Canterbury College on the 13th of August at the St. Thomas CC Soccer Ground
Leading Goalscorer: Mosese Gauna (7 goals)
Hornby High School Soccer Player of the Year (2003): Hemi Wallace (named in the Canterbury and South Island soccer level)



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The TPPA will have a huge impact on New Zealanders, and we want to have a say. It's Our Future is a campaign to make the negotiations public, and to tell the NZ government not to trade away our future.

The New Zealand government is negotiating an international agreement that could have a huge effect on the lives of ordinary kiwis. It's called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and it involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries, including the United States. If it goes ahead, we risk damage to our innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to shape our own future.

Because the negotiations are being conducted in secret, what we know about the TPPA comes from leaked documents and detective work. This is not acceptable. We live in a democracy, which means we have the right to know what is done in our name and to have a say.

For more info check out: It's Our Future New Zealand

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Review: Marvel Heroes (MMO-RPG)

This is one of the best Massively Multiplayer On-line Role-Playing Games (MMO-RPG) I ever played. Unlike its DC counterpart (DC Universe Online) where the users can create their own unique characters while the heroes such as Superman and Wonder Woman are non-playable characters (NPC), in Marvel Heroes you can select, unlock, or buy your favourite Marvel superheroes.

Marvel Heroes Playable Characters

So far, you can only select one out of five heroes (Scarlet Witch, Daredevil, The Thing, Hawkeye, and Storm) as your default character while others, as mentioned, must be unlocked (through random drops) or purchase. Those playable characters, other than the default characters, are popular heroes such as Spider-Man, The Hulk, Deadpool, and Thor as well as the overrated heroes such as Captain America, Wolverine, and Iron Man. Other playable characters are Human Torch, the Punisher, Miss Marvel, Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix (Cyclops and Jean Grey), Black Widow, Cable, Colossus, the Black Panther, and the Rocket Racoon as well as Emma Frost, Squirrel Girl and Luke Cage. All three major factions (The Avengers, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men) in Marvel Comics along with the government puppets S.H.I.E.L.D. are represented among the playable and non-playable characters.

I got five characters (Scarlet Witch, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Hawkeye, Daredevil) so far but I focus on one of my favourite characters, the X-Man codename Cyclops (still waiting for Deadpool and the Hulk). Out of all characters I got, Cyclops was the easiest and the fastest to gain experience due to his team leadership perk. I even made it to level 30 in no time during the main questline.

Mr. and Mrs. Phoenix (Cyclops and Jean Grey)

Anyway, I'm not going to do any fancy review or even a spoiler here. The game may not be as good as the other MMO-RPG games out there such as The World of Warcraft (WoW), Diablo III or even the upcoming The Elder Scrolls On-line but hey Marvel Heroes is a FREE game and personally, its an awesome game. The only time you have to spend is if you can’t wait for random drops or quest rewards and you “really” wanted a specific costume for your favourite character OR wanted to get/use your favourite Marvel hero right away. If you’re into RPG games then you won’t have a problem in learning how to play the game . . . Heck you probably know how to play this game more than I am.

Here's the link to download the game and remember its FREE: MARVEL HEROES

P.S. If you are no fan of Wolverine or if you're like me, sick of reading or hearing about the overrated character popping out in almost every single Marvel comic series or movies out there . . . then I got good news for you . . . There’s not much Wolvertards playing this game . . . well not in my server anyway ... although, once you finished the main quest, the PvP portal will be available for all players and who knows you might be lucky and get to fight a Wolvetard . . . watch out for those nasty and stinging claws though . . .

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