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Football Memories: 2003 Hornby High School Soccer

If there was one sport that I truly excelled at while in high school it was "soccer" or to be more specific "football" since football is the proper name and we should stop Americanizing every term just because it’s popular or it was "American.” Back in high school most of my teammates keep using the term "soccer" even though we're playing the sport in a British Commonwealth so I guess it doesn't matter.

Back in my high school days, football was my passion and like I said, the one sport that I truly excelled at. I do wish it was basketball but the school's sports coordinator that time was a prick and prefers to focus in developing volleyball instead of giving all aspiring athletes a chance to play the sports they love. Even though we trashed our opponent at the opening games of the basketball season, the basketball program was put into the back-burner and we couldn't do anything about it. I got no choice but to start kicking the ball instead of dribbling it.

Anyway, my high school football team was like the United Nations with players from different countries around the world. I guess that’s why football is the most popular sports in the world. We finished third in the division table and won a close semifinals match before losing in the second division finals.

2003 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

2003 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

Tournament: Canterbury School Sport Senior Grade Football Tournament
Division: Second Division
Date: May 7, 2003-August 13, 2003
Points Table Position: Third Place
Overall Finished: Finalists (silver)

Head Coach: Lael Schwartfeger (Community Development Network Trust)
Team Captain: Tawanda Chaza

Players (alphabetical order by surnames):
  • Dawud Antonio (Brazil)
  • Alan Beloe (New Zealand)
  • Chong Cao (China)
  • Tawanda Chaza (Zimbabwe)
  • Eduardo Frigerio (Brazil)
  • Mosese Gauna (Fiji)
  • Tony Huang (Taiwan)
  • Yuki Kayashita (Japan)
  • Patrick King (New Zealand)
  • James Jung Seok Lee (South Korea)
  • Ryan Lee (South Korea)
  • Neng Liu (China)
  • Lauri Luige (Estonia)
  • Wilfred McKerras (New Zealand)
  • Rafael Martins (Brazil)
  • James Mellor (New Zealand)
  • Xiao Ming Shi (China)
  • Adam Parker (New Zealand)
  • Donmar Dell Pineda (Philippines)
  • Dong Soo Seo (South Korea)
  • Dong Woo Seo (South Korea)
  • Kyle Smith (New Zealand)
  • Hemi Wallace (New Zealand)
  • Chris Winiata (New Zealand)
  • Hai Yang Yuan (China)
  • Hao Zhao (China)


Number of Games: 11 (Home Games: 6 Away Games: 5)
Number of Players: 26
Number of Wins: 7
Number of Losses: 4
Number of Draw: Nil
Number of Goals Scored: 36
Scoring Average: 3.2

Biggest winning margin: 4 points (in the 7-3 win against Ellesmere College on the 21st of May at Hagley Park Soccer Grounds)
Biggest losing margin: 8 points (in the 2-10 loss to Cashmere on the 14th of May at Hornby Soccer Ground)
Most important win: The semi-final win (3-2) over Hagley on the 6th of August at Hornby Soccer Ground
Most important loss: The grand final loss (2-4) to St. Thomas Canterbury College on the 13th of August at the St. Thomas CC Soccer Ground
Leading Goalscorer: Mosese Gauna (7 goals)
Hornby High School Soccer Player of the Year (2003): Hemi Wallace (named in the Canterbury and South Island soccer level)



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