Thursday, December 25, 2014

Forgotten Christmas

True Meaning of Christmas

Forgotten Christmas is a fantastic way to remind your friends and family about the true meaning of Christmas. Designed to share in church or through social media, Gospel for Asia’s heart behind the video is to inspire the church in the west to refocus on Christ this Christmas and join together to change lives in South Asia.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Football Memories: 2004 Hornby High School Soccer

Ten years ago (2004) was probably the best of my sporting career playing for my high school’s football (soccer), basketball, and rugby league form of origin teams but just like the year before, football was my passion and we made to the play-offs for the second consecutive year and this time, it was even more painful losing in the grand final. 

We finished at top of the table and the final was supposed to be play at the Hornby High Soccer Grounds but the defending division champions were too scared to play at Hornby.

Technically, we won the title by default but a lot of players (including me) thought that we want to earn the title by winning a game so we decided to play the finals at our opponents' home ground and we painfully loss that game for the second year in a row. It was a good achievement but two silvers in two seasons doesn't make it into gold.

2004 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

Tournament: Canterbury Secondary Schools Winter Sport Senior Grade Soccer Tournament
Division: Second Division
Date: June 2, 2004 - August 25, 2004
Points Table Position: First - Top of the Table (Second Division Premier)
Overall Finished: Finalists (second place)

Head Coach: Lael Schwartfeger (Community Development Network Trust)
Team Captain: Tawanda Chaza and Yuki Kayashita

Players (alphabetical order by surnames):
  • Anderson? (China)
  • Michael Beaudin (New Zealand)
  • Alan Beloe (New Zealand)
  • Juan Maza Callejas (Spain)
  • Chong Cao (China)
  • Tawanda Chaza (Zimbabwe)
  • Ivan Fernandez (Brunei/Malaysia)
  • Jason Fernandez (Brunei/Malaysia)
  • Mosese Gauna (Fiji)
  • Andrew Hawthorn (New Zealand)
  • Yegor Hordenko (Ukraine)
  • Tony Huang (Taiwan)
  • Yuki Kayashita (Japan)
  • Anthony Lau (Hong Kong)
  • Justin Lau (China)
  • James Jung Seok Lee
    James Jung Seok Lee
    James Jung Seok Lee (South Korea)
  • Ryan Lee (South Korea)
  • Neng Liu (China)
  • Carl McIlroy (New Zealand)
  • Jose Murcott (Philippines)
  • Adam Parker (New Zealand)
  • Peng? (China)
  • Donmar Dell Pineda (Philippines)
  • Anderson Shin (South Korea)
  • Daniel Smith (New Zealand)
  • Terry? (China)
  • Hemi Wallace (New Zealand)



May 12 - Cancelled
May 19 - St. Andrew's College (5-1) @ Hornby
May 26 - Hornby A vs. Hornby B* @ Hornby
June 2 - Hagley Community College (1-6) @ Hornby
June 9 - Shirley Boys High School (1-0) @ Hagley
June 16 - Middleton Grange High School (Default win**) @ Hornby
June 16 - Hornby A vs. Hornby B* @ Hornby
June 23 - Riccarton High School (1-4) @ Hornby
June 30 - St. Andrew's College (4-3) @ Hornby
July 21 - Darfield High School (3-1) @ Hornby
July 28 - Maurehaue High School (5-2) @ Maurehaue
August 4 - Lincoln High School (10-0) @ Hagley
August 18 - Grand Finals Postponed
August 25 - St. Thomas Canterbury College (1-3) @ St. Thomas CC***

*Internal/Scrimmage Games
**Hornby won by default after Middleton Grange forfeited the game
***The finals was supposedly to be play at the Hornby High School Soccer Ground after finishing top of the table but the St. Thomas CC Soccer Team were too scared to play in Hornby.. therefore, the finals was decided to be held at their shitty soccer ground.)


Number of Games: 12 (1 default win)
Home Games: 6
Away Games: 4
Internal Games/Scrimmages: 2

Number of Players: 27
Number of Wins: 7 ( and 1 default win)
Number of Losses: 3
Number of Draw: Nil
Number of Goals Scored: 35 (excluding goals scored at internal games)
Scoring Average: 3.5 (excluding internal games)

Biggest winning margin: 10 points (in the 10-0 win against Lincoln on the 4th of August at Hagley Park Soccer Grounds)

Biggest losing margin: 5 points (in the 1-6 loss to Hagley on the 2nd of June at Hornby Soccer Ground)

Most important win: The semi-final win (6-5) over Shirley Boys High on the 11th of August at Hornby Soccer Ground

Most important loss: The grand final loss (1-3) to St. Thomas Canterbury College on the 25th of August at the St. Thomas CC Soccer Ground

Most goals scored by a player: James Jung Seok Lee (7 goals)

Hornby High School Soccer Player of the Year: Hemi Wallace (named in the Canterbury and South Island soccer level


Sunday, July 6, 2014

Announcement: "Philippine National Basketball Team" E-book

I'm currently working on a "Philippine National Basketball Team" e-book (epub format) for Android users and possibly, an Android application as well (maybe). As of this moment, I don't know if I should sell it or give it out for free (currently leaning on giving it out for free).
The E-book will include:

  • Philippine national basketball team official records [Team Results NOT Individual Scores] in FIBA sanctioned tournaments: the World Cups/World Championships, the Olympic Games, the Asian Championships, the Asian Games, the South East Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) Championships, and the South East Asian Games; and non-FIBA sanctioned tourneys: the William Jones Cup and the Far Eastern Games
  • International Club Tournaments are excluded: the FIBA Asia Champions Cup/Club Championship, the World Club Championship
  • Notable Members, Head Coaches, National Squads, and Other Personalities
  • National Team Trivia
  • Rivals

Most of the infos are already posted here in my blog but I thought I should put them together and make an e-book. 

Projected Release: As early as September-October 2014 (after the 2014 Asian Games)


 **UPDATE 5th November 2014**


Sorry to inform you guys but the  E-book will not be release as originally planned. At first, I tried to move the deadline to December 2014 since I'm way too busy at work. Unfortunately, my smart-phone was broken and in turn, lost all the data I got including the e-book I'm working on. I probably got 70% of the e-book done before the damn thing happened.

The good news though is that I still have some of the info in my hard drive albeit they all needed to be updated. The bad news is that I'm very much discouraged from this experience. I was really looking forward in finishing this project but I don't know anymore. Maybe next year? Who knows I might find some people to collaborate with me on this project. For now, I apologize to those who are waiting for this e-book to come out.

Postr: Get Paid To Use Your Mobile

I found this Postr Android application a few weeks ago and I thought I should share this.... nothing much to say really... I don't know if this is available to those outside New Zealand or even probably in Australia. 

Anyway, if you live in New Zealand... I strongly recommend this...


Hire out your lock screen and get paid to use your phone.

When there's no ad available we'll serve beautiful photography or inspirational quotes to your phone. Your choice.

Sign up and tell us your interests.

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Earn up to $30 per month and cash out directly to your bank account or donate to your favorite charity.
Hire out your lock screen and get paid to use your phone with Postr. 

Postr provides your phone with a custom lock-screen that allows you to receive daily sponsored advertisements. Keep up to date with the brands you love and earn 3 cents every half-hour when an ad appears on your lock-screen. Swipe left to engage with the ad on the web or right to unlock your phone – we'll pay you anyway. When there aren't any ads to serve to your lock-screen, you'll see wallpapers with inspirational quotes or beautiful photography.

Postr is in it’s early stages of growth and for the first couple of months you may only see a few ads each day. As the Postr community grows, more paid sponsors will come on board, meaning more Pocket Money for you. You can help speed this process along by sharing Postr with your friends.
Happy swiping!

Check out: Postr Website

Monday, April 21, 2014

Jimmy Butler: The Long, Winding Road

Originally posted by NBA Genius:

Jimmy Butler's Story.

"When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up." ~Psalm 27:10 KJV

Jimmy was abandoned as a infant by his father & was booted out of his home at the age of 13 by his mother simply because she didn't like the look of him.

He then proceeded to find various places to sleep at night, with no money or family to fall back on. Only one person ever believed in Jimmy's basketball abilities. Himself. That was until the gracious Leslie (Jordan Leslie) Family welcomed him into their home in his Senior year of high school.

His coach in high school brushed him off & his friends didn't think he had it in him. Jimmy then showed immense maturity and enrolled himself into a Junior College. Surprise surprise, he dominated every single opponent that came across him. He didn't use his past as an excuse, or get down by the constant negativity of those around him. Rather, he went out there to prove something; to himself. That he knew he was better. Scholarships followed and so did being drafted Pick #30 in the 2011 draft by the Chicago Bulls.

"Instantly, I burst out into tears with my mum because I just felt like all the hard work that I've done, that all the people that tell me that I won't amount to anything, that I couldn't be an NBA player, that I won't get my degree, I won't go to college, I won't do this, I won't do that...but more that anything it was I proved myself right, I couldn't care less about proving them wrong, just wanted to prove to myself that I said I could do it, I put my mind to it and I did it"

Jimmy Butler now has become one of the most elite defenders in the NBA. Not in my house now has a new meaning.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Most Shocking Second a Day Video [Save The Children]

Save The Children posted this video in youtube: A young girl's life gets turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video. Could this ever happen in the UK? This is what war does to children.


The War in Syria is not about Good versus Evil nor its about "Democracy" and "Freedom"... the War in Syria is a War between Terrorism and Tyranny.... Terrorists versus Tyrants....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Finish Line

This is the journey of NBA legend Steve Nash as he fights to keep himself fit and healthy, his struggles to extend his career in the NBA as long as possible. The fight to extend his career after 18 years is not just for his undying love of the game but also avoiding any professional athletes' dreading prospect of losing their skills and sense of purpose in life.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Poem: "My Memories"

Twelve years ago, January 5, 2002 to be exact, I left the Philippines with my immediate family for New Zealand. That day, I had mixed emotions. I was sad to leave everything I had known since I was born and at the same time, excited to open a new chapter of my life. That was the day of "firsts" for me. First time to be in the airport. First time to get on the plane. First time I step on a foreign soil. That day, the most valuable thing I have was not my passport or my baggage but the photos I have with me that reminds me of my high school life in the Philippines.

Iligan City National High School IV-Jacinto Class of 2001-2002 (I took this photo, four weeks before I left the Philippines)

Three weeks before that, I have some of the most memorable moments of my life. I was excited and sad to tell my friends that I am about to leave the Philippines. I am not even sure, if they are going to be happy for me or if they care at all. I am not even sure if they are going to believe me or not. Anyway, my last week in my home city, my friends and I went for a swim in a remote river stream and that was perhaps, one of the best days of my life. Just swimming in the river with my friends and looking forward for the upcoming School Christmas Party. Turn out, that Christmas Party was my "farewell party" too. At the Christmas Party, I said my last good byes to all my classmates and friends who were at the school at that time. To some, I didn't even bother to tell them because saying good bye to a lot of people was not easy at all (saying good bye to someone you had a high school "crush" on is not easy as well.. hahahaha joke!).

Taken during the School Christmas Party a.k.a. my "farewell party" (Photo courtesy of Je Velarde)

At the time, all I knew about New Zealand was the "Anchor Milk" and the "Kiwi Shoe Shine".  I remember the last movie I watched before I left Iligan was the final episode of HBO's "Band of Brothers" and that was my last night, my last Christmas eve in Iligan, and perhaps, the last time I have to stay late while looking forward for the midnight dinner and the fireworks -- celebrating the birth of Christ. The next day, we bid farewell to my cousins and after we get on the ship (for a long three-four days sea trip from Iligan to Manila), I was talking to my grandmother while looking at Iligan one last time as it gets smaller into the distance in a cold chilly night. That’s when I decided to right a poem. A farewell poem to memories that I hope I will never forget (By the way, it ain't that good but I made it so don't complain).

My Memories
by Donmar Pineda (January 2002)

As I saw the waves,
Dancing in the sea
Leaving the great city,
Where I was born and free
And as I remember the days
Together with my family
In the school where I learned
And spent with my friends
Marks the memory of my
Early adolescent.

Now I am leaving from
My beloved country
To a new life, new people
And new nation to live in
Their language and their culture
And all that I have learned
But I will never forget
My past history,
My life and my nation
As well as my memories.

[In dedication to my family and my friends in the Philippines, and to my father, the late Master Sergeant Marcelino Pontillas Pineda Sr.]

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