Sunday, July 6, 2014

Announcement: "Philippine National Basketball Team" E-book

I'm currently working on a "Philippine National Basketball Team" e-book (epub format) for Android users and possibly, an Android application as well (maybe). As of this moment, I don't know if I should sell it or give it out for free (currently leaning on giving it out for free).
The E-book will include:

  • Philippine national basketball team official records [Team Results NOT Individual Scores] in FIBA sanctioned tournaments: the World Cups/World Championships, the Olympic Games, the Asian Championships, the Asian Games, the South East Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) Championships, and the South East Asian Games; and non-FIBA sanctioned tourneys: the William Jones Cup and the Far Eastern Games
  • International Club Tournaments are excluded: the FIBA Asia Champions Cup/Club Championship, the World Club Championship
  • Notable Members, Head Coaches, National Squads, and Other Personalities
  • National Team Trivia
  • Rivals

Most of the infos are already posted here in my blog but I thought I should put them together and make an e-book. 

Projected Release: As early as September-October 2014 (after the 2014 Asian Games)


 **UPDATE 5th November 2014**


Sorry to inform you guys but the  E-book will not be release as originally planned. At first, I tried to move the deadline to December 2014 since I'm way too busy at work. Unfortunately, my smart-phone was broken and in turn, lost all the data I got including the e-book I'm working on. I probably got 70% of the e-book done before the damn thing happened.

The good news though is that I still have some of the info in my hard drive albeit they all needed to be updated. The bad news is that I'm very much discouraged from this experience. I was really looking forward in finishing this project but I don't know anymore. Maybe next year? Who knows I might find some people to collaborate with me on this project. For now, I apologize to those who are waiting for this e-book to come out.

Postr: Get Paid To Use Your Mobile

I found this Postr Android application a few weeks ago and I thought I should share this.... nothing much to say really... I don't know if this is available to those outside New Zealand or even probably in Australia. 

Anyway, if you live in New Zealand... I strongly recommend this...


Hire out your lock screen and get paid to use your phone.

When there's no ad available we'll serve beautiful photography or inspirational quotes to your phone. Your choice.

Sign up and tell us your interests.

Swipe left to engage with an ad or right to unlock your phone.

Earn up to $30 per month and cash out directly to your bank account or donate to your favorite charity.
Hire out your lock screen and get paid to use your phone with Postr. 

Postr provides your phone with a custom lock-screen that allows you to receive daily sponsored advertisements. Keep up to date with the brands you love and earn 3 cents every half-hour when an ad appears on your lock-screen. Swipe left to engage with the ad on the web or right to unlock your phone – we'll pay you anyway. When there aren't any ads to serve to your lock-screen, you'll see wallpapers with inspirational quotes or beautiful photography.

Postr is in it’s early stages of growth and for the first couple of months you may only see a few ads each day. As the Postr community grows, more paid sponsors will come on board, meaning more Pocket Money for you. You can help speed this process along by sharing Postr with your friends.
Happy swiping!

Check out: Postr Website

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