Sunday, July 6, 2014

Announcement: "Philippine National Basketball Team" E-book

I'm currently working on a "Philippine National Basketball Team" e-book (epub format) for Android users and possibly, an Android application as well (maybe). As of this moment, I don't know if I should sell it or give it out for free (currently leaning on giving it out for free).
The E-book will include:

  • Philippine national basketball team official records [Team Results NOT Individual Scores] in FIBA sanctioned tournaments: the World Cups/World Championships, the Olympic Games, the Asian Championships, the Asian Games, the South East Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) Championships, and the South East Asian Games; and non-FIBA sanctioned tourneys: the William Jones Cup and the Far Eastern Games
  • International Club Tournaments are excluded: the FIBA Asia Champions Cup/Club Championship, the World Club Championship
  • Notable Members, Head Coaches, National Squads, and Other Personalities
  • National Team Trivia
  • Rivals

Most of the infos are already posted here in my blog but I thought I should put them together and make an e-book. 

Projected Release: As early as September-October 2014 (after the 2014 Asian Games)


 **UPDATE 5th November 2014**


Sorry to inform you guys but the  E-book will not be release as originally planned. At first, I tried to move the deadline to December 2014 since I'm way too busy at work. Unfortunately, my smart-phone was broken and in turn, lost all the data I got including the e-book I'm working on. I probably got 70% of the e-book done before the damn thing happened.

The good news though is that I still have some of the info in my hard drive albeit they all needed to be updated. The bad news is that I'm very much discouraged from this experience. I was really looking forward in finishing this project but I don't know anymore. Maybe next year? Who knows I might find some people to collaborate with me on this project. For now, I apologize to those who are waiting for this e-book to come out.

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