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Football Memories: 2004 Hornby High School Soccer

Ten years ago (2004) was probably the best of my sporting career playing for my high school’s football (soccer), basketball, and rugby league form of origin teams but just like the year before, football was my passion and we made to the play-offs for the second consecutive year and this time, it was even more painful losing in the grand final. 

We finished at top of the table and the final was supposed to be play at the Hornby High Soccer Grounds but the defending division champions were too scared to play at Hornby.

Technically, we won the title by default but a lot of players (including me) thought that we want to earn the title by winning a game so we decided to play the finals at our opponents' home ground and we painfully loss that game for the second year in a row. It was a good achievement but two silvers in two seasons doesn't make it into gold.

2004 Hornby High School Boys' Soccer Team

Tournament: Canterbury Secondary Schools Winter Sport Senior Grade Soccer Tournament
Division: Second Division
Date: June 2, 2004 - August 25, 2004
Points Table Position: First - Top of the Table (Second Division Premier)
Overall Finished: Finalists (second place)

Head Coach: Lael Schwartfeger (Community Development Network Trust)
Team Captain: Tawanda Chaza and Yuki Kayashita

Players (alphabetical order by surnames):
  • Anderson? (China)
  • Michael Beaudin (New Zealand)
  • Alan Beloe (New Zealand)
  • Juan Maza Callejas (Spain)
  • Chong Cao (China)
  • Tawanda Chaza (Zimbabwe)
  • Ivan Fernandez (Brunei/Malaysia)
  • Jason Fernandez (Brunei/Malaysia)
  • Mosese Gauna (Fiji)
  • Andrew Hawthorn (New Zealand)
  • Yegor Hordenko (Ukraine)
  • Tony Huang (Taiwan)
  • Yuki Kayashita (Japan)
  • Anthony Lau (Hong Kong)
  • Justin Lau (China)
  • James Jung Seok Lee
    James Jung Seok Lee
    James Jung Seok Lee (South Korea)
  • Ryan Lee (South Korea)
  • Neng Liu (China)
  • Carl McIlroy (New Zealand)
  • Jose Murcott (Philippines)
  • Adam Parker (New Zealand)
  • Peng? (China)
  • Donmar Dell Pineda (Philippines)
  • Anderson Shin (South Korea)
  • Daniel Smith (New Zealand)
  • Terry? (China)
  • Hemi Wallace (New Zealand)



May 12 - Cancelled
May 19 - St. Andrew's College (5-1) @ Hornby
May 26 - Hornby A vs. Hornby B* @ Hornby
June 2 - Hagley Community College (1-6) @ Hornby
June 9 - Shirley Boys High School (1-0) @ Hagley
June 16 - Middleton Grange High School (Default win**) @ Hornby
June 16 - Hornby A vs. Hornby B* @ Hornby
June 23 - Riccarton High School (1-4) @ Hornby
June 30 - St. Andrew's College (4-3) @ Hornby
July 21 - Darfield High School (3-1) @ Hornby
July 28 - Maurehaue High School (5-2) @ Maurehaue
August 4 - Lincoln High School (10-0) @ Hagley
August 18 - Grand Finals Postponed
August 25 - St. Thomas Canterbury College (1-3) @ St. Thomas CC***

*Internal/Scrimmage Games
**Hornby won by default after Middleton Grange forfeited the game
***The finals was supposedly to be play at the Hornby High School Soccer Ground after finishing top of the table but the St. Thomas CC Soccer Team were too scared to play in Hornby.. therefore, the finals was decided to be held at their shitty soccer ground.)


Number of Games: 12 (1 default win)
Home Games: 6
Away Games: 4
Internal Games/Scrimmages: 2

Number of Players: 27
Number of Wins: 7 ( and 1 default win)
Number of Losses: 3
Number of Draw: Nil
Number of Goals Scored: 35 (excluding goals scored at internal games)
Scoring Average: 3.5 (excluding internal games)

Biggest winning margin: 10 points (in the 10-0 win against Lincoln on the 4th of August at Hagley Park Soccer Grounds)

Biggest losing margin: 5 points (in the 1-6 loss to Hagley on the 2nd of June at Hornby Soccer Ground)

Most important win: The semi-final win (6-5) over Shirley Boys High on the 11th of August at Hornby Soccer Ground

Most important loss: The grand final loss (1-3) to St. Thomas Canterbury College on the 25th of August at the St. Thomas CC Soccer Ground

Most goals scored by a player: James Jung Seok Lee (7 goals)

Hornby High School Soccer Player of the Year: Hemi Wallace (named in the Canterbury and South Island soccer level


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