Monday, June 22, 2015

"Sixth mass extinction"... more like TPP

Here comes the guilty-trip fear-mongering bullshits blurted out by overpaid scientists. Led by the same scientist who thought that civilization will collapse if we don't give equal rights to women (There are other much more legitimate arguments why women should get equal rights . . . not because it will "destroy" civilization).

As usual, they want every single human to blame themselves while their environmentalist disciples start pointing fingers at everybody. The very same idiots who beg governments to stop "climate change" by imposing green taxation to every single human. The very same idiots who think that corporate-paid politicians will pass laws to build a giant refrigerator to stop the blimmin' ice caps from melting. Meanwhile the ones who are actually destroying the environment continue to cut trees, mining natural resources, and well, about to get more power thanks to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreements (TPPA) between multinational corporations and idiot-led countries.

TPP gives multinational corporations the right to sue governments whenever they fuck up their businesses and the governments got nothing to loss since the people - the taxpayers will pay for everything. Governments will be force to loan money from private banks and we the taxpayers will bail them out. 

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Posted by TPP March On The Media on Saturday, 31 May 2014

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