Sunday, August 16, 2015

End of an Era: Thank You Kuya Marcus!

Marcus Douthit, in my opinion, is the greatest naturalized player in Philippine basketball history and the one player who turned the Philippines into a basketball power in Asia once again.

He could've chosen to play professionally in other countries with bigger salaries and better opportunities but instead he carried an entire nation's hope of bringing the Philippines back to the world stage. Even-though, he was not able to play in the 2014 FIBA World Cup but he was the very reason why we were there in the first place. Marcus Douthit finished his career with six gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals for the Philippines.

"I'll never have Filipino blood, but as far as becoming a Filipino, I'll always have it in my heart."

National Team:
2010 William Jones Cup, 4th place (All-Tournament Mythical Five Selection)
2011 SEABA Championship, 1st place [gold]
2011 William Jones Cup, 3rd place [bronze]
2011 FIBA Asia Championship, 4th place
2012 SEABA Cup, 1st place [gold]
2012 FIBA Asia Cup, 4th place
2012 William Jones Cup, 1st place [gold] (All-Tournament Mythical Five Selection)
2013 FIBA Asia Championship, 2nd place [silver]
2013 Southeast Asia Games, 1st place [gold]
2014 FIBA Asia Cup, 3rd place [bronze]
2014 Asian Games, 7th place
2015 SEABA Championship, 1st place [gold]
2015 Southeast Asian Games, 1st place [gold]

Club/Invitational Tournament:
2010 Manny V. Pangilinan Cup, 1st place [gold]
2011 Dubai Invitational, 2nd place [silver]
2011 FIBA Asia Champions Cup, 4th place
2013 Super Keung Sheung Cup, 1st place [gold]
2014 Antibes International Tournament, 4th place

Thank You Kuya Marcus! #ThankYouKuyaMarcus

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