Sunday, September 6, 2015

Ageless Taulava and the William Jones Cup!

With the Philippines winning just it's eighth medal finished in the Renato William Jones Cup tournament, Philippine basketball legend Asi Taulava had just won his fourth Jones Cup medal in his career and his eighth medal for the national team.

2005 - 3rd place (bronze)
2007 - 3rd place (bronze)
2009 - 6th place
2011 - 3rd place (bronze)
2015 - 2nd place (silver)

He holds the record for the most William Jones Cup participation by a Filipino player and the most number of medals won by a Filipino player in the tournament.

Allan Caidic still holds the record for the most gold medals won (1985, 1998) along with naturalized players Dennis Still and Jeffrey Moore (1981, 1985) although, both Still and Moore were playing as imports in 1981. Anyway, Marcus Douthit also won two gold medals one with Passing Lane (USA) in 2005 and another in 2012 for Gilas Pilipinas.

Chot Reyes holds the record for the most medals won by a Filipino coach and by a Filipino individual with two gold medals (1998, 2012) and three bronzes (2005, 2007, 2011). He was one of the assistant coaches in 1998 and 2011.

Paulasi Taulava's National Team Career:

Tournaments with International Caps (vs. National Teams):
2002 Philippines-Chinese Taipei Basketball Series
2002 Philippines-Qatar Basketball Series
2002 Gianetti Four Nations Cup (Sondrio, Italy), 3rd place (bronze)
2002 Asian Games, 4th place (semi-finalists)
2005 William Jones Cup, 3rd place (bronze)
2006 Philippines-Lebanon Basketball Series
2007 Southeast Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) champions
2007 William Jones Cup, 3rd place (bronze)
2007 Four Nations Manila Invitational Tournament champions
2007 Philippines-Kuwait Basketball Series
2007 FIBA Asia Championship, 9th place
2009 Southeast Asia Basketball Association (SEABA) champions
2009 William Jones Cup, 6th place
2009 FIBA Asia Championship, 8th place (quarter-finalists)
2010 FIBA Asia Stankovic Cup, 4th place (semi-finalists)
2010 Asian Games (Guangzhou, China), 6th place
2011 William Jones Cup (Taipei, Taiwan), 3rd place (bronze)
2011 FIBA Asia Championship (Wuhan, China), 4th place (semi-finalists)
2015 Toyota Four Nations Cup (Tallinn, Estonia), 4th place
2015 William Jones Cup (Taipei, Taiwan), 2nd place (silver) 
2015 FIBA Asia Championship (Changsha, China), 2nd place (silver)

Other Tournaments/Exhibitions (vs. Non-National Teams):
2002 Philippines-Melbourne Tigers Basketball Series
2005 Brunei Cup champions
2006 Brunei Cup champions
2006 Philippines-USA Legends
2007 FIBA Asia Champions Cup, 5th place (quarter-finalists)
2009 Philippines-Australian Great White Sharks Series
2009 Philippines-PBA All-Star Exhibition Series
2009 Ondoy Charity Games (Team Pilipinas vs. Smart Gilas)
2011 Philippine Tour of Bahrain
2011 Dubai Invitational Tournament, 2nd place (finalists)
2011 FIBA Asia Champions Cup [FIBA Asia Clubs Championship] (Manila, Philippines), 4th place (semi-finalists)
2011 Ultimate All-Star Weekend: Smart Gilas Pilipinas vs. NBA/USA All-Stars Selection (Manila, Philippines)
2015 MVP Cup champions

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