Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Today is actually the 6th anniversary of this blog (I think?) but instead of celebrating it, I ended with a series of unfortunate events:

- Light bulb in my room killed itself off just when I'm getting ready for work.
- Measured product parts at work thinking it's the same job number all along only to realized just before home time that it's not. Ended up staying late and transferring measurement results from one sheet to another.
- My car doesn’t want to start. Tried to jumpstart it. Doesn't work. Co-worker tried to jumpstart it through his car. That too doesn’t work. 
- My phone thought that it's a good idea to kill itself off as well. Have to wait for it to be recharge before I can contact home.
- Tied the damn car to my dad's car and dragged it across Hornby with no lights on. Only positive thing about is my non-engine one hand maneuvering skills... lucky to missed out the morning rush though.

Update: At least I won the meat raffle at work the next day.


Saturday, May 28, 2016

Filipino "Game of Thrones" is over!

The Filipino "Game of Thrones" is over!

With 16,601,997 votes, Rodrigo Duterte will not only become the first Mindanaoan president in history but also has the highest mandate to a president since 1981 when former President Ferdinand Marcos was "reelected" to the presidency with 18,309,360 votes over war hero Alejo Santos. Duterte’s closest rival, Mar Roxas garnered himself the second highest votes (9,978,175) by a losing presidential candidate in history after Fernando Poe Jr. (11,782,232). FPJ's daughter, Grace Poe, also featured with the fifth highest vote (9,100,991) garnered by a losing presidential candidate in history.

Here’s the final, official tally of votes for President, based on all 167 certificates of canvass (COCs), are:

Duterte - 16,601,997
Roxas - 9,978,175
Poe - 9,100,991
Binay - 5,416,140
Defensor Santiago - 1,455,532
Seneres 25,779

The 2016 election is also the fifth closest election result between the two leading vice-presidential candidates (1961, 1965, 2004, 2010 and 2016) and the third successive presidential election that the losing vice presidential candidate accused the winner of cheating. Leni Roberdo will become the country's second female vice-president after Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Here’s the final, official tally of votes for Vice-President, based on all 167 COCs, are:

Robredo - 14,418,817
Marcos - 14,155,344
Cayetano - 5,903,379
Escudero - 4,931,962
Trillanes - 868,501
Honasan - 788,881

As for the automated election? It's a work-in-progress.. the more we use the system the better that we get to improve and fix the flaws. 

President-elect Rodrigo Duterte, 16th President of the Philippines

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Battle of Hill Eerie (64th Anniversary)

In May 18-21, 1952, the Philippine 20th Battalion Combat Team fought one of their greatest battles in the Peninsula. The Battle of Hill Eerie was a seven-part battle between the United Nations Forces and the CCP. The Filipinos fought and won the last two battles in the Outpost of Eerie Hill. One to take the outpost for the final time and another to successfully defended the outpost for the last time. One of the heroes of the  successful assault was Lieutenant Fidel V. Ramos, future President of the Philippines.

 For more info: Philippines in the Korean War (60th Anniversary)

Lieutenant Fidel V. Ramos (right) and his colleagues in the Philippine 20th Battalion Combat Team, Korean War

Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: The Boys From The Barracks: The Philippine Military After Edsa

This is one of my favorite books I read concerning the Philippine military in post-Martial Law era (1981-onwards). I was working on a research paper several years ago and my topic was about the rise of military adventurism and the series of military coup attempts that started on February 1986 all the way to 1990. It's a great source for those of you who are studying the history of the Philippine military.

The book presented both sides of the military (the pro-government and the anti-government factions). The book pointed out that the Reformed Armed Forces Movement (RAM) did not start at Camp Aguinaldo but actually started in Camp Crame. Fidel Ramos' influence in the military was and is far greater than what the media and historians gave him credit for. Cory Aquino and her traditional political allies owed El Tabako the current status quo. The bias 1987 Constitution that protects the elites interests and control of the economy wouldn’t have existed today if Honasan and his boys got their way. Ironically, Ramos wanted to get rid of that monopoly when he attempts to change the charter during his presidency.

Anyway, there's more to this book than what I wrote here. Especially about Gringo Honasan.

To conclude this review, I always remembered that bad-ass quote Ramos made to the shill-media that smeared his name and questioned his military combat record:

“I fought the communists as part of the battalion combat teams, I went up the ladder. Battalion staff officer. Company commander. Task Force commander. Special Forces group commander. Brigade commander. All in different periods in our country. Huk campaign. Korean War campaign. The Vietnam War, and I was the head of the advance party of the PHILCAG (Philippine Civil Action Group to Vietnam) that went to a tiny province at the Cambodian border – the so-called Alligator Jaw – War Zone Z where even Max Soliven said ‘The Viet-Cong will eat us up.’ Of course, we were physically there as non-combat troops. But you try to be a non-combat troop in a combat area – that is the toughest kind of assignment.

Korea – as a platoon leader. Recon leader. What is the job of a recon leader? To recon the front line – no man’s land. And what did we do? I had to assault a fortified position of the Chinese communists and wiped them out. And what is this Special Forces group that we commanded in the Army – '62–'65? That was the only remaining combat unit in the Philippine Army. The rest were training in a division set-up. We were in Luzon. We were in Sulu. And then, during the previous regime, Marawi incident. Who was sent there? Ramos. We defended the camp, being besieged by 400 rebels.

So next time, look at the man’s record, don't just write and write. You said, no combat experience, no combat experience. Look around you who comes from the platoon, who rose to battalion staff, company commander, group commander, which is like a battalion, brigade commander, here and abroad. Abroad, I never had an abroad assignment that was not combat. NO SOFT JOBS FOR RAMOS. Thirty-seven years in the Armed Forces. REMEMBER THAT. You’re only writing about the fringe, but do not allow yourself to destroy the armed forces by those guys. You write about the majority of the Armed Forces who are on the job.

That's why we're here enjoying our freedom, ladies and gentlemen. You are here. If the majority of the Armed Forces did not do their job, I doubt very much if you’d all be here.”

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