Monday, August 1, 2016

"Change" is Coming

Nagbayad ka sa eleksyon sa Mayo gamit ang boto mo, pero sabi ng tindero, ang "sukli ay paparating"

Critical Thinking 

Before you read the rest of this entry, I want the readers to know about critical thinking. Something that is missing in today's society be it in the West or in the Western wannabe countries such as the Philippines. Critical thinking is the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement.[1] An "objective opinion", is the opinion of someone who doesn't already have strong feelings about a subject, and who won't gain or lose anything because of the decision.[2]

In a society where hero-worshiping, bandwagonism, political turncoats, patronage system, and "machismo" culture rolled into one, I really doubt that "critical opposition" or "objective opinions" will ever get a chance to voice their opinion simply because the majority doesn’t know what true democracy is, doesn’t know what their fundamental rights and have no idea what is written in the Constitution.

As in the case today in the Philippines, if you say something that is critical to President Rodrigo Duterte, the fanatics will label you as pro-criminals, pro-drug pushers rather than someone who is entitled to an opinion. To them, freedom of speech only applies to those who share the same beliefs or ideologies. It's very much the same as in the West, modern liberals are the biggest practitioners of double standard hypocrisy that promotes free-thinking but very intolerant to anybody that doesn't share their opinions.

“In case of dissension, never dare to judge till you've heard the other side.” ~Euripides, The Children of Herakles

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” ~Aristotle, Metaphysics


"Change" is Coming

Like the old saying, "Rome wasn't built in a day!"

I don't believe that the new President will be able to eliminate criminality and corruption within 3-6 months but I do believe he will be able to reduce crime and corruption for the next six years. No man is perfect, corruption is part of human nature even the richest countries in the world have some form of corruption in their own societies and cultures. We don't get to see it of course simply because of the high quality of life of those countries compare to the Third World and we are too blind with our Western wannabeism culture. Corruption in morality is quite rampant in the Western world and we are trying too hard to be the most westernized country in the Asian region.

I also don't believe in hero-worshiping like what some of Duterte's hardcore supporters and fanatics has been doing on-line who felt proud of themselves on small trivial matters such as the president buying a new pair shoes or eating food in cariendera. A lot of them are just the typical bandwagon-type that supported the winning candidate or the winning team and I wouldn't be surprise if a lot of them are former yellowtards (Aquino worshipers) themselves. A lot of these bandwagon-type of supporters are quite sensitive and defensive. They find it offensive whenever a person or an organization asked a simple question or anything that is critical to their leader. These are the kinds of supporters that were the loudest in triumph but the first to turn their backs when the team is down.

The term that triggers these fanatics is "human rights". The moment a person or an organization mention "human rights", it instantly triggers the fanatics to childishly call out the person or the organization and accusing them of being pro-criminals. Human rights is not just for the victims... definitely not just for criminals but human rights is for everyone. Unfortunately, many of these ignoramus doesn't even know their own rights be it man-made and natural rights. Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.[3] A Natural Right is based on a political theory that every person has basic rights that the government cannot deny. These basic rights include the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It is important to point out that the word 'natural' can take on a few different meanings depending on the context. 'Natural' can mean being independent from society or, from a theological perspective, based on the obligations God has given man, such as the right to life based on the commandment 'thou shall not kill.' No matter what context the word 'natural' is derived from, the government or society cannot deny these rights based on any discriminatory factors such as age, gender, race, or nationality.[4]

Anyway, to be honest, I don't agree with some of Duterte's policies:

- Death Penalty should not be in the hand of the State especially in a fragile democracy. Although, I'm only partially against it because I believe heinous criminals such as rape-and-murder, human trafficking and slavery deserve a death penalty.

- Surveillance: If there's a one thing that I'm going to disagree with the Duterte administration -- it's surveillance. George Orwell's 1984 is supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual.

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security deserve neither liberty nor security" ~Benjamin Franklin 

"Arguing that you don't care about the right to privacy because you got nothing to hide is no different than saying you don't care about free speech because you have nothing to say." ~Edward Snowden

- Communist Party: I got no problem with the President working with the left but to give them free reins in the cabinet without earning it is just plain, wrong. We basically spitting on the graves of every Filipino soldier who fought against and died in the hands of that terrorist organization. They basically earn those government positions by killing Filipino soldiers who we need more for national security instead of policing the provinces fighting these terrorists. There are much better alternative than those who advance their ideology through violence. We got moderate leftists who went through democratic processes that deserve to get those positions than these extremist criminals.

Extrajudicial Killing
"If a drug dealer resists arrest or refuses to be brought to a police station and threatens a citizen with a gun or a knife, you can kill him, shoot him and I’ll give you a medal." ~Rodrigo Duterte
 The most controversial of Duterte's policies is the bloody War on Drugs. The president has identified the drug problem is one of the main causes of poverty in the country and he is using the full extent of the Office of the President to eradicate drugs in the country.
One problem though is the encouragement of vigilante killings. Since the conclusion of the presidential election, long before the Porsche driver ended his term, there over 400 deaths related to the War on Drugs and many were done by vigilante killers. [See The KILL LIST]
These vigilante killers are either state-sponsored/hired assassins, hardcore Duterte fanatics who are dumb enough to misinterpret and took the words of Duterte out of context, drug syndicate assassins who are taking care of the loose ends to avoid traceability, and/or criminal themselves who are smart enough to take advantage of the "cardboard" system. They are getting out of control. Some of those that were shot dead were not in position to fight back. In Capas, Tarlac, a young mother was shot dead inside a jeepney by two motorcycle-riding cowards right in front of her children. She was not in any position to fight back. It was not even an attempt for citizen arrest she was just simply murdered. In Lapu-Lapu City, resort manager was shot dead by motorcycle tandem before taking her belongings away. In Manaoag, Pangasinan, a graduating college honor student, who had no history of drugs used, was kidnapped and shot dead by vigilantes (#JusticeForRowena). In Malabon Public Cemetery, a mother and her son were shot dead while celebrating the son's birthday. Even akyat-bahay victims were shot dead simply because a drug pusher hides inside their house without their knowledge.
Before Duterte becomes president, criminals ride motorcycles in tandem waiting for people to come out of the banks or ATM before killing and robbing them of their money. Now that Duterte issued a citizen arrest with order to kill if THEY FIGHT BACK, criminals use that statement as an excuse to legitimize crime and kill people. All they need to do is bring a cardboard that says "Huwag niyong tularan..." and the ignorant populace will just bought that crap.

We should let the Philippine National Police (PNP) do their job like arrest the criminals and bring peace and order. They are trained and paid to do that instead of letting vigilantes killing people left and right. We're solving a problem by creating another one.

This is not a dig against the President simply pointing out that not every corpse with a cardboard are criminals/drug pushers/dealers/addicts and not all vigilantes are legit nor represented the Duterte administration. Duterte himself is against it, "There will be killings. There will be a lot of blood. I’m up against criminals and criminal syndicates but I will assure you there will be no extrajudicial killing. I cannot gun down a kneeling man. There is no honor in it."


Charter Change

In order for the Charter Change to work, the government needs to take one step at a time instead of changing the political system in a hurry. First the government needs to pass the Anti-Political Dynasty Law and educate the people on why we need to change the constitution in the first place.

The main reason why a lot of people opposed charter change during the previous administrations was because of ignorance. Charter Change movements’ sole focus back then was to change the top without educating the people on why we need to change the charter. As a result, the traditional politicians, who were and are the main beneficiaries of the 1987 Constitution, were able to manipulate the people into believing that changing the charter means going back to the Marcos dictatorship.

It is important that we have to change the political mindset of the people especially when it comes to voting before changing the political system to federalism. There's no point changing it to federalism if we just ended up voting the same group of traditional politicians and the people keep treating elections as popularity contests or getting paid to vote. Corrupt politicians don't elect themselves, but the people are. In other words, corrupt people always vote for corrupt politicians.

Right now, the traditional politicians' main political party, the Liberal Party, are jumping on the Duterte bandwagon and are very much active in promoting federalism. The sooner that they change the system without educating the people, the easier for them to create a new federal constitution that protects their interests just like the 1987 Constitution. Without the Anti-Political Dynasty Law to stop those guys from hijacking true reforms we're just basically putting a blanket over the flaws of the 1987 Constitution instead of fixing the damn thing.

The faster they implement Charter Change the easier for them to get rid of President Rodrigo Duterte. We could've a Prime Minister under a Parliamentary Federalism that would demote the Office of the President into a ceremonial role without executive power or if we stick to American Federalism, Duterte will be force to abdicate the presidency and cut short his term since his mandate is not under the new constitution.

Let's educate the people first... let's educate ourselves instead of in a hurry to change a very flawed system with a blanketed one. You want to end corruption in our country then let's start with ourselves, with the people. Take responsibility and work hard to improve ourselves instead of relying on our political leaders to change our lives, to bring change. Leaders can only point you to the right direction or open the opportunity but it's up to you to step up! To take the first step!

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